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Cloth Diapers

I'm really confused on all the stuff I'm hearing about cloth diapers.  I ordered some off of eBay and that's about as far as I've got.   Every website says to use certain soaps, where to store, etc.  I don't even understand what they're talking about when it comes to stripping the diapers?? If anyone could share your knowledge,  experiences and what worked best for you, it would be greatly appreciated.
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They are great,But I recommend to wash with non scented soap,incase you baby might be allergic.
Try the ones from allieexpress they are almost like waterproof and they have a liner Instead
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Everyone I know who uses cloth diapers (my mom, cousin,  several friends) swear tide original works best.  
I bought some used and they smell SO bad, like ammonia-- a hot water rinse and baking soda worked wonders! I didn't even have detergent-- though I think I'll use Tide Original for soiled diapers in the future.
my favorite place that clarifies certain terms and general questions is ObbsandLala YouTube channel.  She explains everything SO well!

I got great deals through craigslist, giveaways, a couple "china cheapies" and I even made a few just to explore my options.
My favorite-- just by overall design, not performance-- are Kawaiis, Bum Genius, Thirsties, Bumkins, and the ones I made myself because I can customize them (and they are pretty easy to make if you know how to sew).
I found some great Deals on craigslist too:)
my biggest tip, since I'm still new myself, is to try to stay away from microfiber. My used inserts look old and I really struggled to remove the stink from the previous owner. BUT the cotton prefolds I bought used (were used by two kids) look new and smelled great after one hot rinse with baking soda:) plus they are softer and have a lot of uses. The ones my mom.used for me lasted until I was about 14 (we used them as kitchen rags by that point).
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When you have stains you can't get out, just set it outside in the sunshine. it will fade. Think of stripping as a double wash. There is tons of lingo but you will pick it up. There are some great groups on Facebook focused on cloth diapering.
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My mom soaked stained diapers in vinegar for an hour then rinsed them and washed them with dreft baby detergent.
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Thanks for all the info, but what about storage?  I plan on washing them at least every other day.   My mom had said something about wet storage but I have a 4 yr old and think it would end up being a mess one way or another.  Also, is it okay to put them in the dryer or do I have to hang dry?  They're pocket diapers and I've heard some ppl say dryers mess up the PLU liner while others say it doesn't.  
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Personally, I decided against wet storage because it's a drowning hazard and super messy-- a wet bag in a dry pail (no water) works fine. I'll be living in AZ where line drying makes sense. When I prepped and dried mine indoors in Florida, everything dried overnight EXCEPT my All-in-ones. The humidity made it so that they didn't dry for two days (it was also raining so I couldn't dry with the sun).
My dryer has an "air dry" option with no heat that works. Using your dryer is a hugely debated issue... some moms use it... I think it's up to you and how much you want your diapers to last through multiple kids
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