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Cloth diapers

I have always wanted to use cloth diapers but am wondering what pros and cons come with them. Anyone used them before ? If so what was your experience.

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I did both. We used disposable diapers while we where getting into our routines right after our daughter was born. Then we tried cloth for a bit. Honestly i did not have time for the cloth diapers. My daughters grandparents couldn't use them well so we ended up going back to disposable. This time we are having twins and cloth diapers are going to be a necessary item. Disposable x2 is way to much cash. We will most likely due a combination this time. Disposable when out and cloth at home.
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Im a stay at home mommy and use cloth diapers. Pros.. Our babies have very sensitive skin so saves us there. Saves us a ton of money. keeps all the nasty chemicals from diapers and wipes off their skin. No smelly trash and nasty diapers going to the landfill. Much more efficient. With disposables you have be careful of leaks and blowouts esp with Huggies. Cons.. they are more time consuming and make a bit more laundry. I wash every days.
I cloth diaper with literally old fashioned cloth diaper material bought from amish and hand cut and sewn by myself I pin and put waterproof pants over. When we go out to grocery etc and for overnight we have 7 alva baby pocket diapers with the bamboo inserts. Then when we are out using those we have a wet bag that we put the dirty diapers in until we get home.
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Sry meant I wash them every 2 days lol
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How did you start using them
Did you buy like a starter kit? & also what brands are better than others or the different fits/sizes
I'm planning to take 3 months off work and want to try and use them exclusively and than possibly once I go back to work use a mix of the two if it starts to be too time consuming

Thanks !
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I will be using cloth. I bought a bunch of bumgenius 4.0 pocket style diapers. They come in other styles too, picket means you stuff an absorbant pad into the middle of the diaper, there are all-in-ones or AIO's that have the absorbant liner sewn into it. Also prefolds and diaper covers, more like what cecilia is using. Look at a website called diapering101.com, they go over the differences. The type im using are mid range price, it seems that itll work best for me and my family. If your going back to work, see if your child care provider will use cloth, most will only use disposable. I did hear of a mom bringing her cloth to the daycare, showing them how to use them and brought her own diaper pail so they had a place to store the dirty ones. She also used diaper liners, its a thin sheet that lays inside of the diaper so you just pull it off and flush poopy messes instead of having to rinse in the toilet or spray them down. Those are pretty cheap. It took me about 6 weeks to decide what would work best for us. Another plus is I hear its easier to potty train when the time comes. Good luck!
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The ones I make actually aren't prefold. I hand sew them and it's just a diaper size material that will fit nb up. My mother in law taught me they are literally old fashioned cloth diapers. Lol. Also alvas aren't just the covers they are the pocket kind
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I used g diapers & alvas part time with my oldest son.  He had some major gi problems that causes severe diaper rash.  Cloth diapers would help his butt heal & prevent the rashes from getting bloody.  Unfortunately, the grandma's didn't like using the cloth diapers while we were working so we still did disposables too.  I'm planning on doing primarily cloth this time since I am now home during the day with the kids. Save us some money & protect the baby's sensitive skin.
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Just bought 12x tots bots easyfit and am waiting on them to arrive
Also have a few bamboozles. Am really excited to try them out. And they are so adorable! Much nicer than disposables on a baby's skin.
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