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I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I need to lose body weight while I gain pregnancy weight. I'm 21 and 224 lbs. Both my knees dislocate so it's not good or safe to have so much weight on me + pregnancy weight. It's to much pressure on my knees. Idk what I can do to safely and effectively lose body weight.
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You probably won't be able to lose a lot of weight while pregnant, but eat a very healthy diet and try to keep some what active. Try the gd diet
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Discuss this concern with your doc.  Ask to see a dietitian as well.
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Your not suppose to purposely lose weight while pregnant. Eating healthy and staying as active as you can. usually the activities you did before pregnancy you won't gain unhealthy weight. If you purposely lose a lot of weight it can be bad for the baby. They don't get the nutrients they need.
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Yes sorry no losing weight while you're pregnant! Try to swim (local gym or pool), cycling, light weight training or light yoga to increase muscle tone and that are low impact on your joints. Of course talk to your doctor about any exercise while pregnant! Aim for a healthy pregnancy weight gain. Eat lean proteins, lots of veggies and fruits, whole grains and low glycemic carbs. Frequent well rounded small meals (divide the typical 3 regular meals into 6 small portioned meals) and balance is the key! Good luck!
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I am heavy as well and my doctor said ok to lose weight from exercise and healthy eating as long as you dont overdo it and baby gets what it needs. I saw a nutritionist somewhere around 10 weeks or so. Currently at 19wks 4days. Eat alot of fruit and veggies, lean protein, and dairy. I also just joined the YMCA, do whatever you can comfortably do for exercise, swimming is highly recommended for heavier and pregnant women cause it takes stress off your joints. Ive personally been swimming, walking on treadmil, and doing exercise bike. I would ask your drs office if they have a nutritionist you can see or can recommend you to one.
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Walk everyday I am 31 weeks and I do at least 4 classes a week but u have to,eat good to even try and lose weight
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Eat lots of veggies, fruit and protein and calcium.  When your brain thinks your hungry drink water, sometimes it likes to trick us when we are just thirsty.  Stay away from sodas, juice, and fast food. (Fast food was the reason I gained a ton of weight with my first baby) There are also pregnancy workout videos, they are easy and slow paced (I found one on amazon under 10 $)  I hope you have a great healthy pregnancy:))
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