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So when my son was born i used luvs up until he wore size 3 then i switched to huggies but idk if he is getting some allergy to them i noticed some mosquito bite look alike bump on his privates and i thought maybe hes getting diaper rash since his stools have been loose so i put some diaper rash ointment now i noticed every time i wipe him i feel hes in pain and the little bump sort of opened up like a bad scratch what could it be can it be the diapers o a nappy rash?
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Huggies has fiberglass material in it. So does their wipes. Same thing happened to my daughter. If you took at the wipes it sparkles. Rub it on your hand it instantly starts to itch. & you'll see the fiberglass on your hand. You can also Google it.
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I actually had to use honest company because my son was so allergic to huggies, pampers, and I gave up and stopped wasting money.
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Huggins having fiberglass in them was determined to be false.  Some babies do have a sensitivity to certain types of diapers.  I have used pampers until recently I used luvs a few times because they were cheaper.  I have always used Huggies wipes because they are thicker and I don't have to use as many.
However if your baby is having loose stools,  that will cause a diaper rash no matter what diapers you're using.  If it's really bad, try mixing Lotrimin with Hydrocortisone cream a few times a day.  If it goes away it's likely the diaper rash turned into a yeast infection.  I've had to use that mixture on my son a lot.  Also try using oatmeal baths.  I used the Aveeno brand. It helps to soothe the pain.  Just don't do too many baths, it will dry out the skin and make it worse.  
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My son is now one years old & he's actually wearing luvs now he has not had a rash but huggies he started to get one but I switched Pampers & didn't have any problems Ur baby skin could be sensitive to a product that there using for their Pampers & whipes
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