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Im 16 and im half way thru my pregnancy. Im starting to get scared about labor. What can i do?
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Labor and delivery is always scary regardless if youve been through it before or not...i been through 2 and both were completely different.  What really helped me the second time around was attending a birthing class.  It really helped me understand what my body was going through to prepare for my babies delivery.  it didn't make it painless but it did help me to cope and Try to channel the pain away.  I had my first daughter when i was 17, and i wish i would've taken the class before because i had no clue what to expect and was so unprepared.  Good luck to you!!
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Are the birthing classes free because i have heard about them but i always thought they cost money
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I live around a clinic that is actually all cost free. U could.ask around or search the internet for the closest one to you. im sure everyone.has one. They do ultrasounds. Pregnancy tests. Birthing and parenting and breast feeding.classes all free. And u can taje those classes and get points and those points r like money u can get free stuff like.diapers and carseats and stuff like that
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I live in Maryland and if your under 18 our health department offers free classes. Look into. I did not take a class either and will for baby number 2.
Luckily I had a easy labor and an amazing nurse who explained everything and how things would feel etc...
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I took mine thru the hospital my doctor works with and they were free and I'm in Illinois.  Call your local hospital, after the class they even took us on a tour to see the labor and delivery departments.
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Yes, take a class thru your health care provider if possible. I was absolutely panicky about labor and delivery. Honestly, once you're at that point, a lot of the fear goes away and you just want it done! A class will make a difference as far as options are concerned as well as what to expect. If you can get a hospital tour of the maternity ward that is also helpful. My hospital offered them and it was nice to see where all the action was going to go down ahead of time. A breastfeeding class is also good if you want to go down that road. Talk to your gyno and see what's available. Good luck!
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