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Pumps for large breasts

I am on pregnancy # 4 and so far all of my babies have had a hard time latching on, so I have had to mainly pump.  The best pump I have used so far is the Playtex Double Embrace, that they no longer sell.  I have had no luck at all with medela pumps as they don't seem to stimulate well enough for my milk to let down.  I am considering Tommee Tippee this time around as it seems comparable to the playtex.  Does anyone have any input on the TT pumps or suggestions for a good pump for large (G cup when not full of milk) breasts?
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Oooh, yes, I'm curious too! This is my first and right now we are exclusively breastfeeding but I will eventually want to pump & use bottles somewhere btwn 6 mo and a year.  I'm an F sans milk.  AND my areolas are larger than my baby's head.  Wonder what that will mean when it comes time to pump!

I didn't even know that pumps were only made for small breasted women!
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I'm an F after pumping and I'm using Google the lansinoh.  Have you tried different flanges?  Pumping pals is one to look into. They didn't work for me, but did great for another lar gr email chested friend of mine.
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They have different size flanges, if your pumping doesn't feel effective,  or is painful, you may need a larger flange. Your nipple should fit comfortably inside with no rubbing. I believe me medela has flanges that go up to 40mm. Pumpin' pal flanges come in small medium large and X large.  If you go to a breast pump/ maternity store they can fit you properly. Also, flanges are based off nipple size not breast size. Training to be an LC, I have seen women with B cup breast need an X-large flange. I would also recommend playing with the settings onyour pump.
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*on your
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Have you tried football position? I would recommend that you go to a lactation consultant.  They can help you with positioning and tricks to get baby to latch.  The visits are covered under the ACA and I believe that you should be covered for a minimum of three visits. Good luck
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I have flat nipples, and the babies usually can't get enough in their mouths to stimulate for let down.  I've been to consultants, pumping just works better most of the time.  The largest flanges that Medela makes aren't big enough.  I'm not even 6 weeks yet and they've already started growing.  Outlook not so good, unless you're daddy lol.  It's not that pumps are made for small breasts, it's that they're made for average sized.  Aka, not those of us who have chests that make up a 3rd of their body :)  Now I get to go on a hunt for bras and breast pumps!
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Have you tried a glass flange, they are typically the largest available?
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I have not.  Typically the the trumpet shaped flanges hurt, I tried the largest medela flanges but still all they did was cause pain and hardly stimulate.
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