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breast feeding vs bottle feeding

im 18 and this is my 1st child and i am 11 weeks along. i know that breast feeding is healthier for the baby, but is it cheaper?
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It really depends on the type of breastfeeding. Its really not as free as people say thanks to having to buy pumping systems, nursing bras, pads etc, but at the same time formula ranges from $20+ unless you make it yourself. I had to formula feed my first, and as she got older, the more often I found myself buying it. Probably more expensive than breastfeeding, but you gotta do what you gotta do!
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I'm a breastfeeding mother and I'm a stay at home mom so it's free to breastfeed. I also don't have to get up in the middle of the night to fix bottles so more sleep for me and my daughter. Breastfeeding is also healthier for your baby. There are many clubs and programs for nursing mothers. The hospital will also help you with any concerns you may have because they encourage breastfeeding.
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Cheaper, and benefits for you as well as baby :)
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In the long run breastfeeding is cheaper. With bottle feeding you have to buy the bottles and formula..you can only keep the formula for 1 month and depending on how much you're baby eats it costs from $15-$35 (so that's $15-$35 a month) but with breastfeeding if you plan to go back to work you will need a pump and a good quality pump (the one I got at least) is around $300..hope this helps!!
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Breastfeeding costs nothing except for a little extra food for the mother. I never bought pumping equipment. That is a recent  addition to the feeding of babies and not necessary in most cases. I never even bothered with special bras - just slipped the shoulder strap down.

I guess I am the epitome of lazy and cheap. But I fed four babies without modern accoutrements - because they are not necessary. I developed my laid-back habits in a third-world country where I had my first baby. Over there you were handed your baby and you fed it. No self-doubt. No anxiety. If you were short of milk or had a real problem, such as mastitis, then you went to a doctor. Breastfeeding is natural and instinctive. It is not a science.
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Not only is breast feeding cheaper than formula but it helps you lose the baby weight faster and reduces the risk of your baby getting allergies.
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I agree with the comments above-- as someone who did both (bf and used formula due to horrendous supply issues), bf-ing is cheaper and also so good for your baby! I'm still heartbroken that I can't do it exclusively. Yes, if you end up needing/wanting a pump it's an additional cost, but it will quickly offset the scandalous price of formula!
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If you can do it, breast feeding is best and in the long run, less expensive, even with the cost of a pump.....but some women just can't do it for a variety of reasons (inverted nipples being one) so don't beat yourself up over it if you end up using formula.
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I am a first time breastfeeding mom with a 9 week old little girl. I agree that the quality pumps are more expensive,but well worth it. You buy it once and can use it throughout more than one newborn. Even if you don't breastfeed a second child the pump will be cheaper in the long run. $20-35 per container of formula within 10 months of buying formula (depending how much the baby eats) the pump is paid for.

Keep in mind with breastfeeding, your little one will not only benefit from the nutrients but gain your antibodies and be better able to fight illnesses (allergies, common colds etc). A healthier start to fewer doctor visits. Not to mention fewer days off from work to take care of a sick baby.

I am the first in my family to do so. It isn't always the most convenient, but it's the best you can give. And I love this forum! Many women have answered my concerns. All I can say is good for you to consider breastfeeding and best of luck. It certainly doesn't hurt to give it a try. You can always switch to formula if you feel it isn't the right choice for you. But you can't always do the reverse.
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Its definitely cheaper in the long run even if u have to buy pumping equipment. The pumping equipment you can buy second hand and the parts they don't sell sell second hand you can usually get for free from your local hospital. The pumping equipment will go forward with you to each additional child whereas the formula obviously will not. Its consumed. Finally, I would HIGHLY recommend looking into your local WIC chapter. They often have pumps they will gift to you if you qualify for WIC and plan on breastfeeding  long term. WIC stands for women infants children. They will supplement your food and give you nutritional support through your pregnancy.
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That's awesome that you were able to stay at home with all four of your kids but many people are not able to do so so pumping equipment is necessary if they want their babes to continue with breast milk. Unlike third world countries our babies often cannot come to work with us.
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I attempted breast feeding with my first with no luck, my milk never came in despite meeting with lactation consultants, pumping to try to increase my supply, and even trying supplements.  With my second child I was able to successfully breastfeed exclusively for the first 2 and a half months and then had enough milk frozen to slowly make the transition to formula over the following month.  I would have loved to breastfeed longer but my supply dried up with her because my doctor put me back on birth control.  

In terms of price, breastfeeding was definately cheaper
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