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breast pump

I plan on breastfeeding being baby's primary source of nutrition and as little bottles as possible. My question is should I take a beast pump to hospital and does anyone know how soon I can get one thru medicaid I'm only 26 weeks along
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The hospital should have a lactation specialist visit you after birth. Its a good idea to bring your pump and she can answer questions and make sure you kmow how to use it properly.  Call your insurance and ask they all seem to have different times you can get it.
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Yes talk to your insurance, because of a Obama and the Affordable Care Act they have to provide you with a breast pump. My insurance requires that I be past 28 weeks before I qualify.
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I am 26 weeks had appt with dr yesterday and gave them order form/prescription for breast pump to fill out and send to my dme company. Dme comp called later in the day to confirm which pump I want, said they would ship next week but have to wait till wednesday cause my ins needs me to be 27 weeks? I dont know if that varries from insurance company, but will have it soon. I plan to breast feed only in the beginning,  probably will bring pump with me to hospital in case I have questions, might not need to though my sister pumped with her baby about a year ago.
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I would only bring it if you need someone to show you how to use it.
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The hospital will provide you with a hospital grade pump, so its not necessary to bring yours, unless you need help learning how to use it.
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When I had my first son the lactation league went to my room and help me in how to breast feed, since I did not have much to give to my son, they told me to use a pump to help increase my milk so they had one for me at the hospital but after I was discharged they told me that I have to get my own one, this was 10 years ago.
My second (6 years ago) lactation ladies went to my room and ask if I needed help, I said yes, I asked for an electric pump and they told me that I have to learn how to breast feed first and also they tols me that they can not bring the pump to me so I have to send my husband to get a manual one, after 2 months my milk productiin dried up.
Now on my third pregnancy, I know that a lot of insurances covers for it so Im planning to get one and take it to the hospital.
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