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cloth diaper VS. disposable diaper HELP!

Ok. Here is the problem. My fiance wants to use cloth diapers because he says it's better for the environment and better for the baby. I say that the cloth diapers may not end up in a land fill like disposable BUT the amout of laundry (water) that you use to keep them clean is just as bad. I used disposable with my 2 previous kids and we are at a real stand still with this one. Anyone have any info I could toss his way to change his mind. Or even change mine? Thank!
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Yes, it's probably more environmentally friendly but is he willing to change and wash (even hand wash) the bundle of diaper cloths? It is more convenient to have regular diapers when it's the middle of the night or you go somewhere.  Having diaper cloths if a large accident could weak all over the bed and on bed spreads/receiving blankets, people, etc.  You can even try the environmental friendly diapers thru The Honest Company - I believe. If he's still not convinced, give in and try it got a few days/weeks and he'll see it firsthand how it is. Maybe he'll change his mind after that.
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I use cloth and honestly the amount of laundry I do is like 1 or 2 extra loads a week so not that much. I certainly don't spend as much money wise as I would with disposables. The amount of loads I do clothed wise for my son is way more lol messy little bear.
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The amount of water used to wash a load of diapers is just a little more than is used to wash a regular load of laundry. I used cloth diapers on my son, starting when he was just a couple months old and going until potty training, and only did two extra loads of laundry a week - not enough to make a difference in my water bill. And that was using a diaper sprayer, too - basically a bidet, hooks into the plumbing of your toilet to spray down soiled diapers before throwing them in the wet pail. Much easier than dumping and flushing the poop out of a disposable (you know you're supposed to do that, right? read the instructions on a box of Pampers! Poop goes in the sewer - NOT in the landfill).
We saved thousands of dollars over what disposables would have cost us, and we never had to drive to the store late at night because we ran out of diapers. We used cloth when traveling, too - it isn't any harder than using disposables.
Oh, and we had WAY fewer leaks when using cloth than when using sposies. When my son pooped in a disposable diaper as a newborn, it went EVERYWHERE... up the back, all over his clothes, my clothes, blankets, everything nearby. As soon as we switched, we never had that issue again. He had some nasty stomach bugs with awful diarrhea, but it never escaped his gDiapers. Never leaked out of his nighttime fitted diapers all over pajamas and bedding. I honestly think we did LESS laundry with cloth than we would have with sposies.
I know a lot of cloth diapering mamas who would love to have a partner as willing to pitch in and help out as your fiance seems to be. Sounds like a pretty good guy, with a pretty good idea. Why not try it out and see how it works for your family?? There are lots of different styles - you should be able to find something simple and convenient. It's not all pins and rubber pants anymore. Check out Sunbaby diapers, gDiapers, BumGenius, Green Mountain Diapers, Rumparooz, Grovia... the list goes on!
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I just can't do cloth. Disposable for us.
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I had to use cloth diapers with my 2nd daughter, she broke out in blisters no matter what brand I used. I plan on using cloth diapers again with this one, saves so much money and I didn't really even notice a difference in the amount laundry I was doing.
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Just make him do the laundry when baby is born, then watch how quickly he changes his mind! We had a winter baby and a prem baby at that and the last thing we wanted to worry about was dirty cloth diapers. We ended up chucking them or using the unused ones as burp cloths.
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If you look at the overall impact of disposable diapers (not just the effect on your own household) cloth diapers actually use less water. The manufacturing of disposables uses a fair amount more of many resources than cloth diapers do. Not to mention the landfills, and that poop is supposed to be dumped in the toilet regardless, and the risk of chemical burns if the gel inside gets exposed...
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I love cloth diapers they r much better I had done it with my twins and my oldest and I saved more then 100 per month and laundry Wyse is not a big diference only 1 extra load a week for me.
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Tell him ok. But make sure he knows he has to clean and wash all of them.
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I used cloth diapers with all of my children
I recommend if you feel like you can't handle it for an entire year do it for the first five months if you cant handle 5 months do 2 months at least your giving your new baby a little bit of time to build up an immune system of some kind
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Cloth diapers jus sound so unsanitary to me but that my opinion
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I agree with rosie_dede. Do what you feel is better for you as seen you'll probably be the one changing baby most of the time.
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Wow. @-rosie-dede you didn't even try to research cloth diapers and how sanitary they are did you

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