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diaper sizes and age

i was wondering how long babies stay in the newborn diapers. I know it says until 10 pounds, but how long (usually) is that? Also, what about the size 1's?

We just had our shower and most of the diapers and big boxes of newborn and size 1. Wondering if i should take them back for other sizes.
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I know we did not stay in the newborn size for very long at all.  My babies are usually right about 7lbs. and they gain weight pretty quickly.  Lots of stores are pretty good about letting you exchange sizes as long as the package is not open.  So if you have an abundance you may want to exchange sizes.  They grow out of them pretty quickly.  When they are passing the meconium through their intestines when they are first born you use a lot of diapers too.

On one note, I never bought diapers in advance because each child had a different reaction to certain brands.  The expensive brands and more popular like Pampers and Huggies made them break out... so had to change to a generic offbrand.  I used one of the cheaper brands found at Walmart... not the super cheap ones those will not absorb.  If I think or find the name I will post it.  Size 1 is up to 14 pounds so you will get some mileage out of those.  Good luck and how fun you had a shower already!
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My daughter is 4 months and I just moved her up to size 4 Pampers. lol. She weighs about 20 pounds already and has super-chunk legs, so the size 3 was just a little too tight around her thighs.
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how adorable, I can't wait to see my little one's little chunky thighs and all those cute little rolls of skin that come with it.  They do go through sizes so quickly that's why I never buy diapers ahead of time.
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Our little on was 7lbs at birth she was in pampers newborn until 5 weeks, we used all we bought and then put her in size 1 they were a little big but she didn't have any "blow outs".  By 10 weeks she was in size 1-2 again a little big but they work.  She's 12 weeks now and still fits into size 1-2.  She is breastfed so she gained weight quick but it's leveling out.  Just like hannahthompson our little one has thunder thighs (she's in the 90th %for weight, 25th% for height) so she upsized sooner than normal.    
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I think I was abnormal

My daughter was in nb till 12 weeks and I only went to size 1 because I didn't want to go buy diapers when I had size 1 to move to. I had about 6 months worth of diapers stocked up. she stayed in size 1 for 3 months also. She is 10 months old and still fits in size 2 but I use size 3 at night time because they have a larger absorbancy capacity for night time since we go 12 hours with out changing her.  
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Thanks for these posts, it reminds me of what I need to start buying to stock up.  This pregnancy is just zooming by.  Can't believe we are almost in the 3rd trimester and I feel like I have so much stuff to do.  Just bought some baby clothes this weekend and I was so extremely excited about it :)
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