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So im buying diapers curious how many diapers of size one will i need?
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A lot !
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As many as u can get
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There in that size for a while? Ive bought 3 boxes of 112 in them so thats 336 size one will i need more then that??
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There are a bunch of really great videos on YouTube about cloth diapering and how many you might need for a cloth diapering stash,  but those would probably be a great tool to help you figure out how many disposables you might need on a day/week/month.
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You never really know because they dont all grow the same.  My daughters 1 and 8 months and shes in a 4 (might switch to a 5 soon) and thats pretty regular but my sisters youngest is 1 and 4 months and shes only in a size 2 diaper and size 6months clothes shes a healthy baby keep in mind she was born at bormal birth weight and shes eating good shes just tiny doctors say shes perfectly fine so dont worry. But thats what got me thinking you can always plan to far ahead you never know whats gonna happen
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A lot more than newborn. I say they are in 1s at least til 2 months old unless the baby comes out bigger then maybe only a month or so. Just remember that diaper sizes over lap and having a bigger diaper that will hold more at night might help your little one sleep longer.
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There is a pin on pinterest of a blog from a mom that breaks down about how many diapers you need of each size. She also tells you the best deals to find and how to use coupons. I'm pregnant with my first and thought it was very helpful.
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This is the pin about how many diapers you might need.
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you will need more one then newborn
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