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is anyone plan on breastfeeding or is already doing so

Here my second question what breast pumps are you using if you can recommend me a good one thank you for answering my questions.
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Hi. I have a 9 months old baby girl and I still breastfeed her. It's the best thing for so many reasons. Sometimes me and my partner have it so easy with her just because I'm giving her my milk. Here are just few things we have found:
- baby is very content and hardly ever cries
- no colics or bad nappy rash
- grows with no problems, she only lost 0.1% body weight after birth
- no messing around with bottles, sterilisers etc
- baby ***** out the baby fat out of mum because it's turns into milk
- poo doesn't smell bad
But there are many more good things out of breastfeeding

I would recommend a breastfeeding pillow. I doesn't have to be a fancy one but it helps a lot. On beginning you will feel like all what baby does it eat and you are tired up to the chair and feeding baby, but trust me it's worth it. Just sit and relax for now because baby will get more active in few months.

I had a tommee tippee pump but I didn't really use it.
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The Madela pump is the best one, but really spendy. Sometimes you can find used ones online.  If you go that route, just get new lines and parts. I couldn't afford it, even used. I looked into it and found the Lansinoh had the second best reviews. It was leas than half the price of a Madela. I exclusively breastfeed. I pump for work and nighttime feedings now. Plus it gave daddy a chance to bond with baby. My daughter is 3 1/2 months now. There is a great forum for breastfeeding on here. Make sure to look it.up. lots of help and support in there cuz its not easy.
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I have 5 girls breastfed everyone a couple of them untill they where 15mth plan on breastfeedin baby 6 also madela was the best pump as far as im concerned the others didnt work very well for me
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Thank you for your advice
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I breastfeed for 12 months and worked 10 hr days, the Medela pump in style was amazing and I got it for $40 with my insurance! My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you have the right size flanges with any pump you get, it makes all the difference in how much you are getting when You pump and soreness! Good luck it is the best feeling knowing you are providing nourishment for the little"
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I plan on breastfeeding but I'm so nervous and after i pump and store the milk when I'm ready to use it i just pour it in a bottle and warm it?
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The ideal way to use frozen stored milk is to thaw it in the fridge then use as soon as possible. You can also warm it up but be careful not to overheat the milk. Also, reheat the milk only once after the initial reheat. It's best to thaw only as much as you'll need in a day. I followed those guidelines--from medical professionals--when I bf'd my daughter & they worked well. Also be sure to follow breastmilk storage guidelines, which you can easily find on the Net.
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Thank you!
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I purchased storage bottles and use those as her bottles. I put frozen milk in storage bags.
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Im using the medela pump very good pump. Can be found at most hospital gift shops, but can be quite expensive. If cost may be an issue sign up for WIC and they can provide you with a pump for a few months. Hope this helps.
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Make sure if you dont thaw in fridge to just run hot water on it or heat water on stove for a few min then turn burner off then let milk/bottle set in the warm water for a few do not use the micro to heat or thaw it
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