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strech mark cream

23wks ftm... using bio oil twice a day, plus palmers coco butter strech mark cream at night and my stomach looks like the london undeground map!! Its descusting all thick and red.

Please tell me someone has another solution.. i dont mind having marks, but just not to the extent that they are!
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I've tried palmers cocoa butter, bio oil, aloe, and pure vitamin e. Nothing worked for me, unfortunately. We've just been dealt a bad hand when it comes to genetics and stretch marks. Try to research what you can do after your baby is out. I have a few friends that swear that certain scrubs and wraps worked on their stretch marks. Just start trying remedies while your stretch marks are still fairly new and just make sure they're safe for the baby if you breastfeed :)
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My doctor told me that stretch marks depend on your skin type and its pretty much a waste of money.
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I am using Livpurely virgin Thai coconut oil with lemon. This lil bottle goes a very long way..6yrs so far! My 1st child I had stretch marks which lightened up over the years. With 2nd child I bought Livpurely from Whole Foods, didn't get a single stretch mark. Now, at 29 wks on 3rd preg with same bottle of Livpurely coconut oil from 2nd preg and my stomach's so beautiful, moisturized n glowing, not a single stretch mark in sight!  I stand by this product 100%. Palmer's coconut cream was used during my 1st pregnancy n I got stretch marks galore, my stomach used to look like a road map, seriously, lol!! My stretch marks faded over time after using Livpurely. Today, I have not a single stretch mark n this pregnancy is a pretty large one.
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Drink lots of water and control your weight, make sure you dont have any sudden spikes in weight
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Lots of water and vitamin E  will help. It increased the elasticity of your skin Take a capsule a day with plenty of water  also use vitamin E on your belly and boobs like you would lotion after showers before bed or anytime your skin feels dry or itchy and it should help
They sell a small bottle of vitamin E at Walmart
Let the vitamin E soak Into your skin before putting in your cloths if you find the vitamin E is to much by its self
Buy Keri moisturizer (also found at Walmart) empty out 1/4 of the bottle and add the bottle of vitamin E shake well so it mixes  
Also very important  try not to scratch!
Pat or rub with your fingertips but not with your nails  
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