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Lower Left Back/Abdominal/Hip Pain

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at about 15, but it isnt severe and i have never had related problems...that i know of. My appendix was removed in 1997. I have bad allergies/sinus issues but none of this really ever bothered me but now everything seems to be more annoying .
I believe i threw out my back a few years ago but nothing serious... and did something bad about a year ago while tubing on a lake. ever since then i have been having to be Very cautious moving fast or lifting heavy objects. It has really affected my physical life, i don’t want to do much physically exerting...but i am still in good shape, genetically.
But now my lower abdominals have been hurting me, sometimes related to eating sometimes not at all but is worse when it is affected by eating. sitting seems to be the worst, no matter how good my posture. Some days its hurts severely in the lower left just above the hip, more parallel to the hip just above the pubic line where your pants are worn. Sometimes it causes me to limp slightly, because the left leg seems fatigued or not responding correctly.
This all fatigues me, loss of motivation, stomach aches, sore back, sore hip, left leg hurts especially in the knee sometimes and quadriceps muscle...that’s the weirdest part, my right leg/everything is perfectly fine except in my neck/throat. My neck gets stiff and it actually feels like i have something stuck in my throat more often than not...causing me to cough and produce flem and it has a very odd taste. I drain a lot and swallowing sometimes and causes my ears to pop and my eyes to feel cooled down like a breeze goes over them but more on the inside corners of my eyes. this also causes my throat to be dry more often than not and makes my voice horse.
I also noticed if I rub the area that bothers me in my lower left abdominal area, sometimes it alleviates the pain altogether and other. Weirdest part is, none of this is enough to really bother me enough to go in, once or twice its been Bad.
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I would suggest that you see a good internist first and rule out problems with your digestive system. Reflux esophagitis is an example of a problem that can cause some of the symptoms you have mentioned.
If all of this is negative then a review of your spine and nerves by a neurosurgeon could be helpful in deciding what is wrong with you.
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