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Lump on Lower left side of back

I have had a lump the size of an orange on my left lower back above my backside.  It causes a lot of back pain which also radients down my leg.  It has been there for about 3 months.  I haven't seen a doctor and just told my husband and mom about it and asked them what they thought.  They are upset because they can visually see the lump on my back.  I am thinking that it is a muscle that needs to be kinked out, but they seem to think that it is more serious than that.  Has anyone had this problem before?  I don't want to go to the doctors if it is just a kink or a fatty tissue or something.  I hate going to the doctors for this, but if it is something that might need to be looked at than I guess I should go.  Any thoughts?  Anyone have this or heard of this?  Could it be a tumor?
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You should see your family doc for an assessment.
If he feels you need a scan, get it done.
If he feels you should have it removed, ditto.
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