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Lately I have been getting pins and needles sensation on my upper back.  It feels like I'm about to get the chills and then I get that sensation.  I started taking Propecia and I also take Xanax.  I have taken these pills in the past and have never experienced this.  Could it be a combination of that?  I also take a multivitamin and green tea diet supplement.  I consume these all at the same time in the morning.  It seems like it's happening more frequently.  I do get tremors/shakes, which I have a had for a number of years.  And when I consulted with a neurologist years ago, he said that it's nothing to worry about.  Any advice?
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I would suggest that you have a thorough assessment done again. Look at B12 and folate levels, glucose and serum uric acid in the blood. Get an MRI of the neck and back.
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