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35 Years old and scheduled fro 2nd neck fusion this February 29th, 2016 and scared

Hello I am now 35 years old and I had my first neck fusion on October 1st, 2014. 2 1/2 weeks after my fusion I fell down all 12 of our stairs. Since them I have a major neck pain only on the left side of my neck. Its HORRIBLE MUSCLE PAIN like it is just locked tight along with sharp pain that runs from the base of my skull straight down my spine and hooks under my shoulder blade. I have had an MRI that shows I now have a bulging disc at my c6-c7 but also shows the 2 disc above my original fusion had shown some change. I have also had a mylogram CT scan done that shown bulging in the 2 discs above my fusion but says nothing about my c-6-c7 disc. I am very scared because I am only 35 in terrible pain and I have a different surgeon that has me scheduled for a second fusion at my c6-c7 level and putting a rod connecting the 2 fusions together. He is basing this off the fact that the only thing that took my pain away was having a test nerve block done on my c6-c7 area but it didn't take away the clinching muscle pain that is unbearable causing headaches every day. I need to know that I am making t he right decisions. I have been to 2 other surgeons and got second and third opinions and they both said I don't need surgery and unfortunately it doesnt mean much to me only because before my first fusion i had got a second opinion of no surgery and i went though it anyway de to the fact they said nothing was wrong and i couldn't live with it anymore and in the end the fusion was just what i needed cause it fixed all my right side pain. I would like to know if anyone has felt this pain before and what a second fusion with a rod does for restrictions. Thank u!!!!!!
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