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4 months after disc fusion

I`m 4 months after my Neck fusion and still have pain in Neck,
head and shoulder. My Specialist a Neurosurgeon told me tp come off
the medicine Tramadol. She made me feel like my pain is imagined
and said all looks good and she don`t understand why i still have pain
4 months after surgery! I`m 36 and a mother of 3, every morning I wake up with burning
pain and stiffness if I don`t take Gabapentin and Tramadol, my day is not starting.
I tried Tylenol,Ibuprophen, Exedren back and body, nothing works.
I just want to have a most normal day! What medicine is out there
that I can take without being accused I make it up just to get meds like a druggie?
I use tramadol 30 count for 3 weeks! and only with extreeme pain!
Please help!
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You are not alone,the doctor wants you to get
on with your life without meds.The problem is that
a vast  number of fusions never relieve pain.And
it you press your doctor they will tell you that is
the hope not the rule.You will need a pain management
doctor.After your surgery the surgeon is finished with
you and that's just the hard truth.Sorry about your problem
and I hope it gets better.Check out another site Neruo Talk
and may be a very good source for you.
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Gosh I feel for you.  I think surgeons always think that once their job is done the pain goes way - and what a wonderful world it would be if that were so.  I had an acdf c4-6 done in '07 -  yes - my neck doesn't crunch anymore but I still have pain in my neck and numbness in my right arm/hand. and oh yeah - the l1-2 laminectomy and l3-4 microdiscectomy left me in as much pain, if not more, than before the surgery.  The only surgery that did work with 90% pain relief was my first surgery - the l4-5 fusion.  Now I find out that I have major problems with both my hips that will prob require surgery (I have my next appt with my new PM doc who found the hip issues on March 22).  Get hooked up with a good PM doc and you will have to play it their way - trying different meds until you find one that works.  Try and get in with a group practice so if you feel as tho you are not connecting with one doc you can try another doc within the same practice.  If you try to move from one practice to another they will probably label you a "drug seeker". Don't be afraid to tell them if a med is not giving you adequate pain relief. But keep at it because everyone deserves a somewhat decent quality of life despite the pain.
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You are not an addict. You are just trying to treat you pain since you doctor won't. Your doctor is a surgeon and he did his surgery. Not all, but a lot of  don't think past their job title. They make their money by doing surgery. He doesn't make money treating pain after surgery. You go ahead and do what you need to treat your pain. That's all we can do.  
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