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9 Months Post-op from decompression laminectomy with L4-L5 fusion

I'm 44 and last May I had a Decompression Laminectomy L3-S1 with a fusion at level L4-L5.  Terrible right leg pain that radiated from my buttocks to the tops of my toes along with back pain.  I had/have severe stenosis at multilevels and a HNP at L4-L5.  I have been followed by my surgeon ever since and honestly still have a great deal of back pain as well as Coxxyx pain which they started Caudal Epidurals (painful) I also can't feel my left toes and they tingle at all times.  My Surgeon has recently ordered an EMG and an MRI which I had recently.  I will retun to see him for results in a week.  In the mean time has anyone had pain lasting more than 9 months with complications?  Thank you in advance!
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Some individuals under a governemental insurance at work. In province of Quebec Canada namely.

The brother of one of my cousine husband.
Yes, a quite far apart family relation but it just happens that he bought a summer place where quite a few of my family relatives also summer places.

He's now retired by now.
He had 2 vertebral fusions within 6 years.
Unable to take anymore anti-inflamations drugs.
"Burned out" stomach...

Anyhow... Regarding your question as such : - He's been suffering from these pains for about 3 years full time.

After the second fusion, he was freed from these pains.
The big thin in his case was the delays caused by the governemental insurances at work. It ain't private businesses...

Based on his experience, one should not rely only the reference of a sole general practician to select the surgeon who will perfom the vertebral fusion.
In North America, all surgeons (Medical Doctors...) are listed into sort of a guild who approves their competences as a gemeral practician or as a specialized surgeon for this or that specialty.

Because of obvious reasons, those "Guild" (Medical College in Province of Quebec, Canada...) will refuse to act as a "Shopping" mart and will only give you names of specialized surgeons without giving you feedback how successfull these surgeons are.

Although, once you have names of specialized surgeons, it makes it easier to find out if a given surgeon did published some of his works in a medical (Science) magazine...

Once you selected a few aged at a peak of a career (40-50) Y/O, next inquiries to do is to see if this surgeon still practice on an everyday basis or if he became some sort of a supervisor.

For such delicate and risky matters as vertbral fusions, relying on a single reference is just as if you'd give yourself away.

First of all, obtain a proper dosage of a morphine derivative from your general practician.
He should know where to start a minimal amount and increase it on a 1 week basis. A commercial name is Dilaudid).

In the sense of giving you a much too little dosage and it is up to you to analyse what will do the job.
In most cases, those derivatives take less than 15 minutes to take effect and will last at most (3-4) hours.

Those are the "Rapid" ones.
After about a week or so, your general practician can calculate the number of week pills you need to attain an acceptable comfort.
:=> Being unable to sleep will destroy your health !

Once the dosage is established, your general practician can prescribe a 12 hours slow release morphine derivative named hydromorphinone.

Once you can have full night sleep, take your time to select a good surgeon. It take a while...
Not only this but once you found a star, you ought to expect that star to be quite busy, Hum ?

By the way, MRI Scans are a marvel for that type of chalenge. A bit expensives but so very efficient.
Once you paid for a MRI Scan, you shuld be permited to own the CD-Rom on which all photos are located.
For the least, that was my case...
the MRI Scan cost me $650.00 CAD.
I have my own MRI Scan on a CD-Rom and have the software on the same CD-Rom so that I can view the photos of the scan on my own computer and take screen captures if need be.

Why this you'd ask ? Because I have the right to shop around for my surgeon and I want to have these scans at hand as I meet a few surgeons.
Here where I'm based, at least 2 types of specialized surgeons could be involved into such a surgery:=>
Either a orhtopedist and there is a very good one around inded.
But neurosurgeons also carry these surgeries...
I don't think that a success within that type of surgery is bases on the specialty of the surgeon.

There are much more other vectors in this surgery.

I met a 42 Y/O woman yersterday at my local clinic and as we both wait to see a doctor, she told me she had a vertebral fusion some 6 years ago.
3 Weeks after the surgery, all pain disapeared and she was jumping like a child.

It was this orthopedist and not a neurologist.
I don't how this handled in the US or if its the state or the Federal who regulate this.

All things considered, there is the final vector which is the type of vertebral injury a specicic individual have... As one shops around for surgeons, it is a heck of a good thing to possess the MRI Scans at hand and the written report that decribe the injury, Hum ?
You medical file as well describing the evolution of your case.
Not necessarely to transfer these to a given surgeon you visit but to inquire if that surgeon treated similar cases as your's...
It ain't obvious to obtain such an information directly from the surgeon at time you meet him/her...

Don't be so much in a hurry to select a surgeon, take your pills and find one who had success with the same type of injury as you had.

Presently, I am on a 12 hours hydromorphinone prescription and I can easily tolerate the "Speudo" vague pain. And I'm shopping around with all my tools.

I guess you never seen the french Radio-Canada show "Enjeux"? HiHiHiHi !
A bit like 60 minutes but much less politicized may I state ?

There was this report a few months back on sort of a private hospital ring in India, very well recognized for their efficencies.
When I say "Well recognized", I mean that that international insurances such as the UK Loyd's as well as a few other ones gave them full approval and do carry business (Send their customers at their facilities) for specialized surgeries.

I took a special note of a some (24-28) Y/O woman who live throught a litigious (Civil court) with the provincial ministry of "Health and security at work commission" for some 3 years and a half until she decided to inquire what these peoples can do for her.

She had a couples of disk hernias at the top of the spine near the neck...
Pains as stong as the ones for the lower members (Legs) if you know what I'm talking 'bout ? Hum ?

So, she took $3,800.00 -something CA dollars and flew oever there. The "Enjeux" reporters followed her and we seen the intallations over there. MY GOSH !
Brand new buildings, they hire surgeons from anywhere on planet earth as long as the surgeon performs.
You should have seen all the scanners and all the high technology equipment these guys have over there !
And it ain't one sole hospital, you know... ?

They don't carry medical interventions that can be classified into "Research" such as cancers or genetic deseases, AIDS and so forth.
Nope ! These are hospitals involved solely into standard common and basic surgeries.

Anyhow, that little woman came out of the sugery room with a heck of a large smile and stayed there for 2 weeks. Came back here after a month and went back to work as the pain completely disapeared 2 months thereafter.

They went back to interview her some 6 months later and she was happy like a fish in the ocean.
She hired a lawyer and succeeded to get $2,800.00 CAD back, out of some $3,800.00 she invested to start with.

She mentioned that she was submited a price of $12,125.00 for the same surgery on Canadian territory for the same surgery from a "Private" clinic.

In principles, it is a criminal act in Canada for a surgeon (Or any doctor for that matter) to ask to a canadian citizen any money to perfom a medical act that involves the duties of a medical doctor.
This is the basic the canadian social health care insurance as it was created some 40 years ago.

But some clowns when to high federal court stating that forbiding private medical cares though legal disposions (Presence of the Canadin Health Care Law) cause prejudice to many canadian citizens because the governement himself mismanaged the the health ministry.

And those guys won their case, Ahum !
So, we now see more and more private clinics.
This dates back only to some (2-3) years ago.

There's a new one in Westmount with an orthopedic specialisation. But they've been in operation since a couple of months only.

Rest assure that I'll first meet a few surgeons that work under our canadian health care program just to overview my case and prepare to inquire for a surgery oversea.

Whoupsy ! This message is much too long! Hum ?

See you and take good care to sleep properly.
Pharmacy backed up if needed.

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