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9months post surgery

I had a microdiscectomy in 2008 on my L5 disc then April 2015 I had a bulging disc on L4/L5 with which I has numbness on lower left calf and afoot, following surgery the numbness is still there on leg with freezing cold foot and muscles don't work in foot, my calf and thigh are now weakening as I walk with a limp. Physic isn't improving it either and I had nerve conduction studies done which showed the reduced feeling in my left foot and calf. I also get increased pins and needles type sensation in my left foot when passing a bowel move,met or if I have sex with my husband, which can be quite painful and now just tired of it. Taking pregabalin also. From reading some of the comments it seems I need to see a neurologist as I still feel the nerve is pinched somewhere causing this, although back pain has gone my life has changed drastically, balance has gone, pain is constant and feel 20 yrs older than I should. Can anyone else advise? I've been referred to pain management and physio, seems spinal surgeons are done with me....
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It does sound as if you have a nerve pinched or nerve damage. Nerve damage can cause pain even though you can't "feel" it. I have severe nerve damage and was told that my nerves will overreact at times due to the damage. ie leg spasms fantom cold or hot feeling. Try to see if they will do another MRI to check. If not a good vitamin b complex helps revive nerves and there is a herbal supplement that helps scar tissue called Serrapeptase I get mine from Serrapeptaseinfo.com and although expensive it is the best I have tried. If you have any more questions feel free to ask or send me a message. I had a discectomy in 99 on three disc that had crushed the end of my spinal cord and the surrounding nerves resulting in 78% nerve damage from my waist down. Best of luck to you.
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Thanks, I did have another MRI (I actually work at my local hospital also) and they had a meeting about me with other spinal surgeons and the radiologist and decided to refer me to pain management. I have that appt next week so hoping he will see with physio the muscle strength in left foot and calf have not improved and I feel it still has something on a nerve.  I get a strong sensation of pins and needles in foot when passing my bowels, if I have sex, it's all too uncomfortable and clearly not normal to have to live with.  I'm also doing yoga and swimming and yet my physio confirm now my thigh muscle is now weaker in my bad leg in comparison to my good leg.  I'm just so frustrated so hoping pain management will refer me back.  Also just got told I have the start of osteoarthritis in my left kne (same leg) so just feel like I'm falling apart.  It is starting to depress me as it has impacted on my life so much. I walk all day in my job also
I hope the pain management works for you and you get the help you need. I know it can make you miserable :/ Especially having to walk all day.Best of luck.
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Well they offered to put a pain thing in my back which would override what the nerves were telling my brain but this also involves a small metal box type thing being inserted at the base of my back.....no thanks, really squeamish about things being in my body, especially if I can feel it. They agree the MRI shows that it's squashed around the nerve by my l4/5 discs and not by the other discs, however not really feeling that if they operated to alleviate this that it will work. So being left to this with pain medication, which all of them give me brain fog so feel I'm in a no win situation.  Have requested to see my spinal surgeon as just not happy about this
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