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I keep taking ambulance to hospital when my body stops working - ie can't walk, can't move, muscles and bones screaming in pain... namely neck, shoulders, biceps, forearms, knees, feet, swelling of fingers, finger pain... absolutely unbearable.  rheumatologist of ten years just gives me methyl pred... 1000mg x 3 over 3 days.  then had to call him again as went down a week later... more methyl pred... then another week later called ambulance... this time rituximab... now almost a week later i can barely move for the pain... my neck killing me, back hurts when i breath, vision blury, dizzy to passing out...  i have always said this is not RA... and now they saying fibro myalgia... i think that's a cop out.  they have no idea.  anyone else got ideas?  i am desperate.  i don't think i can live much longer like this.  i am also getting chest pain going into my jaw... but at the hospital they reckon my heart ok.  first ambulance said i was in AF which is usual when i go down.  i've looked at most autoimmune diseases... it's now or never i reckon.  my body is bloated from the prednisolone ... so it's either that that will kill me or whatever is going on.  the pain is worst at night.  last night had to take pain killers at 2.45am and again at 6.30 in order to even move...  now it's 10.30am and have taken meds and still not improving... so i can see this going south today...  i have an old dog in the last week of her life... so i'm desperate to stay with her until i call the vet this week...  anyway, if anyone has any ideas.  i have booked a gp appt and going to ask him for mri of my neck and back.  they did an xray last week in the hospital and i haven't heart result but i don't expect that will show anything much...  
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Do you have a regular doctor?  Please see them The hospital is good for acute situations but they won't treat a chronic problem. This is chronic. Fibro can be very difficult but they are getting better and better at treating it!  Here's some ideas of things they currently use.  https://www.webmd.com/fibromyalgia/guide/medicines-to-treat-fibromyalgia#1  What type of doctor are you seeing?  It sounds like you take a lot of pain medicine.  There is also rebound pain to consider.  Let me know how it goes with your doctor.  Again, you need your regular medical doctor verses the ER to help sort this out.  Let me know what happens!
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