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Annoyed and Need Relief

I have tight muscles all over; in my legs, arms, basically anywhere you touch is all knotted up and tight. Could it be my diet? I am on generic Zoloft (half a pill) and Wellbutrin SR (generic). I don't know if they have a side effect of tight or spastic muscles. I go to the chiropractor 3x's a week and massage therapy once a week for a half hour. I would do more but that's all I have time and money for at the moment. I am looking into actupuncture. I also have a mattress that's about 20 years old, guessing, it's really old. Don't know if that is a factor as well.

This is the second chiropractor I've been to trying to treat my sore and tight muscles. We couldn't figure it out. My spine and pelvis are all twisted, so I figured that's why my back is killing me but I still can't find out why my muscles are constantly tight.

I sit all day at work and get up every 30 mins to move or stretch, I can't sit for any longer than that. It's getting extremely annoying.

I also tried going to my primary doc, he has suggested that I might have early signs of Fibromyalgia, or however you spell it. My chiropractor called him a moron and that Doc's basically call it Fibromyalgia when they don't know what's going on.

If anyone knows what might be causing my spastic and tight muslces please share.

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I can sympathize with  your problem, I too have been searching for answers for my family's health issues. I have found the answer. I hope it will help you as well.

I'm a nurse, but I never heard of how Magnesium could affect our body.
Magnesium deficiency could lead to all kinds of body muscle tightness, pains, contraction of muscles, nerve pains, Fibromyalgia, tics, tremors, shakes, numbness, teeth grinding, snoring, sleep apnea, tourette syndrome, Bipolar diagnosis, anxiety, panic attacks, difficult breathing, teeth chattering, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hundreds more of symptoms.

Taking medications like Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Lasix and the likes, drinking coffee, alcohol, daily stresses of life, all use up our Magnesium stores.

Magnesium is involved in 300 body enzyme processes so that lack of it will cause so many symptoms which could be diagnosed or never diagnosed by the doctors. This is a nutritional problem caused by the food that we now have lacking the proper nutrients.

I would direct you to search on Magnesium Deficiency,
both on You tube and Google.

Wealth of Information is on line, but best of all is read "The Magnesium Miracle " book by Dr. Carolyn Dean. Its so amazing. You will find all the answers to your problem..
I thank God for the blessing to find Magnesium. Its such a simple answer to so vast problems that lack of it could cause.

According to the book, one best choice for Mg supplementation is Mg Glycinate, body requirement is 400 mg for women but it can be taken safely at 4 to 8 mg per lb. It will take time  6 to 12 months to get the body levels back to normal, so to speed it up,  there is Mg Flakes that could be used for foot soaks or dissolve it and use as body spray. I / We use both. The spray works instantly, this way, it helps boost Mg to get the normal levels faster. They are on Amazon.

Everyone needs Mg. not everyone is aware because it does not get advertised as there is no money to be made unlike Calcium . Too much Calcium without Magnesium could cause problems. Vit D is also necessary to be taken with Mg to push it into the body cells.
Mg is a relaxation mineral, while calcium makes the body contract. So there should be a balance in the body between the two. Calcium is abundant in the foods we eat, but Mg is not so it always needs daily supplementation. If you are getting less than 400 mg a day, then it is non sufficient..  
Please get the book.. it will help you get well and also be able to help your family .. Your answer is here. There is hope , be patient and give it time.. and spread the word. I repeart, be Patient, you will experience the results.. :)
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To mix the Mg Spray, Dissolve 1 cup Flakes into 1 cup boiled or bottled water, put into a sprayer. 8 sprays is equivalent to 100 mg Mg Chloride. There is no over dose as your body will only absorb what it needs. Some maybe sensitive to Mg Cl and so just spray non sensitive body areas first to see how it is for you. (like your legs) You could dilute it or put lotion on top if it itches or any irritation.
It will get better in time. It helps in cramps, spastic muscles or where there is pain, massage it in. It feels slightly oily. Some people rinse it off, but I leave mine on. I use Ancient Minerals as its less sticky. Mg Cl is ocean water from Ancient ocean beds where they have removed the salt.
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Thank you so much. I have heard of having not enough Magnesium. I will definitely try this out and read the book. :)  Thank you again and I hope to post back here in a few months with less tight muscles and be more relaxed :)

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