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Arthritis and Nightshade Vegetables

Has anyone ever heard of avoiding nightshade vegetables (ie...tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers) and it helping arthritis symptoms?
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Yes I heard and read it on the web. I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and possibly osteoarthritis. :((    I have inflammation and searced google for ANTI INFLAMMATORY DIET and FOODS. Saw that there are a lot of foods that are considered proflammatory. It changed my way of eating.
After reading all the foods that are proflammatory that I always thought were good for you, I wished I knew about it so many years ago. You know the saying: "You are what you eat?"

Let me know what you find. I could use more choices of foods to eat.
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One place where you can learn a ton of things about natural healing is at: www.curezone.com  (look for "Ask Dr Sutter's) forum

That's where I first heard about nightshade veggies. They will help guide you into "preventing" disease, as well as finding a cure for many ailments via cleanses, and proper eating, and safe water.
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Is there a forum here on anything other than neck and back problems?

I am just wondering.

Thank you

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Yes, there r many different forums here.Look at ur tool bar at the top of the screen and click on forums......

I hope u find other's as helpful as back and neck!!

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