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Back Pain/Excessive Sweating


My husband has been having middle and lower back pain for years now. He was in a car accident over 9 years ago and slipped three discs. He had pain when I met him 7 years ago and it's been gradually getting worse to the point where it affects all his everyday activities. It's hard for him to get out of bed in the morning. He can't stand still for too long and we can't enjoy vacations or trips because it hurts too much. He can't drive for hours due to the pain.
Recently he saw an orthopedist and had an MRI done on his lumbar and thoracic. But they didn't find anything wrong. Also took an x-ray at the doctor's office and there appeared to be a small mass and they thought it might be a kidney stone but it's unlikely. That wouldn't explain all the symptoms. So the orthopedist referred him to a pain management doctor. That doctor thought he may have osteoarthritis and prescribed Meloxicam. He has taken two month's worth and feels a little better, says at least he doesn't feel like he's dying when he tries to get out of bed in the morning. But still has back pain. He is now out of medication and isn't sure if he should get a refill, if it's truly making a difference.
Another issue is that he sweats a lot. And it has been getting worse recently. Read about hyperhidrosis but in his case it starts in the back then chest/stomach and head. He doesn't sweat on the palms of his hands and feet, etc. He sweats when it's not hot; he could be anywhere and in a cool climate and suddenly start sweating. It's been very embarrassing for him. As mentioned it's been getting bad recently.
He's 32 years old.
So after all the x-rays, MRIs, doctor's visits and expensive bill we have found out nothing, only that we don't have good insurance. It's been very frustrating because the doctors have not been able to help.
Has anybody had these symptoms? Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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If there are others in your husband’s family who suffer from joint and body pains then it would be worthwhile to rule out rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, diabetes and thyroid disorders. Diabetes and thyroid disorders can also cause profuse sweating. If a lump was found in kidney area then tumors of adrenal gland should be looked into. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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I have severe back problems and hypothyroid disease. I can say that my thyroid does affect my back, joints and muscles. It seems to me that when I have a flare up my pain increases. I also sometimes have weak muscles, like I did a big workout at the gym and all I did was sit around. I will hurt from head to toe. Laying down seems to increase the swelling in my joints and causes my knees and hips to hurt. I should also mention that I had thyroid disease symptoms for five years before they caught the disease.

Here is a link to a good checklist to see if it could be RA or a thyroid problem. http://thyroid.about.com/cs/endocrinology/l/blchecklist.htm

Best wishes, Sissie
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I felt very bad after readig about your husband's health, I would like to wish you my very best wishes and hope that he gets well very soon. Have you seen a chiropractor, I think they would provide much relief as they handle such cases frequently.
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I'm 31, have same symptoms as ur hubby, as well as many others.  Car accident at 14 did it, things got worse from there.  The excessive sweating and inability to stand 4 long was ruining my life, big time.  Cervical Chiropractor seriously helped, but I couldn't get a proper adjustment with such tense muscles.  At first i took Ativan/Valium/anything (even alcohol) before an adjustment & had sister drive me.  Once I was able to loosen up for a proper adjustment, I kept up with stretches, swimming, no pushing myself physically with lifting etc.  In case ur unaware, a cervical chiro is like a normal one, they just also adjust your neck very gently (no cracking the neck, at least mine doesn't)  I'd gone to literally dozens of chiros, physios, etc before I found one that helped.  Until he can move around, he can't get more exercise, which I'm sure he gets advised to a lot.  My family also has bad genes re joints, muscles, alignment.  I believe some of us are gonna have inferior genes, if Olympic athletes exist, so must the other end of the spectrum. So maybe he's just injured and has muscles, joints, etc, that get wrecked easily and take forever to heal.  Once the pain gets better, hopefully the sweating decreases. I'm guessing they don't always coincide, mine neither, but I think I got so anxious about a life where everything is a hassle, the embarrassment of being in your 30s and having an 80 yr old with a walker pass you on the street, etc, that the sweating got more frequent.  Also, my body is big on learned responses.  If I sweat when I feel unwell due to back pain, I start to sweat when I feel unwell for any reason.  Good luck, hope that was at least a little helpful.
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