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Back Pain with Referred Pain to Diaphragm

I need some help very badly but I don’t have insurance and can’t find what my signs and symptoms are on the web. About a month ago I woke up with what I thought was a cramped back muscle left side between the scapula and vertebrate. After getting it massaged and using ointment it was making no progress and actually exhibited more of a pulled muscle as opposed to a cramp.  This didn’t worry me much because my spine usually cracks and pops C6-T2. However one night I woke up in intense muscle cramping pain in my diaphragm region and along my rib cage. It scared me really bad and since then I have had this problem eveytime I lie down or sit in a chair. I don’t think it is a pulled diaphragm muscle because when I am standing exercising and physically moving around this problem goes away. I have not had good sleep in weeks and have not clue how to understand what is going on.
Other Information:
Meds: Cyclobenzaprine, Vicoden, (When I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I’m gonna die) nose spray every 4 hours because of something in SoCal air (3 months now)
Diagnosis that might play into it is that I have rumitoid arthritis
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