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Back/neck pain

I have had neck and back pain for the past few weeks. I also noticed that my shoulders are uneven and my neck is almost always tilted to either side-just a little bit but enough to be noticable. Should I worry about it or will it correct itself in time? I'm on crutches, could that have helped cause it?

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I would say it is , but if it keeps up I'd tell the doctor. It can't be to good for you! sorry this isn't more help.
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Hey, sorry you've joined the suffering club. I'll bet the crutches could be causing this. However, I would ask my doctor to order at least some Xrays or possibly an MRI. Speak up for yourself-no one else is going to! Why the crutches?
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Well I have a ton of other symptoms that i've posted in other forums, but these particular symptoms above just came within a week. This is the whole entire story (sorry its long):

I am 12 years old and I have been on crutches for 6 weeks. It started with pain in my right lower abdomen (like appendicitis). I was brought to the hospital where they did an x-ray and cat-scan of my hip area. The doctors suspected it was appendicitis until they saw the  test results- completely normal.

About 4 days later my abdominal pain worsened suddenly and I couldn't move my right leg. I went to the hospital again, they did the x-ray and cat scan again of my hip, which were normal. Then they did an ultra sound, which was also normal.

They discharged me and told me to follow up with my primary care doctor, and gave me crutches since I couldn't walk. I have been tested for Lyme disease and it was negative, but i was put on doxycycline anyways for two weeks which didn't help whatsoever. I went to an infectious disease specialist who did blood tests for things like mono- everything was normal once again.
My parents are now looking for a neurologist to get an MRI.

For the past 6 weeks I have experienced, fatigue, muscle weakness primarily in arms and legs, hallucinations ("rain", silver dots, black dots and black clouds, sometimes they are still there when i close my eyes), ringing in ears, hear weird sounds (music, muttering ect), inability to stand from sitting position without using my hands, loss of concentration, memory loss, slurred speech or stuttering, sensitivity to light, intermittent headaches, tilted head (recent onset), continued right hip pain, occasional right shoulder pain, difficulty doing daily activities with right arm especially, burning sensations on bottoms of feet, new symptoms arise or intensify at night, headaches (top and back of head, like it is going to explode),and inability to sleep normal hours (sleep during day awake at night). I've seen an eye doctor who said i don't have anything obvious wrong with my eyes. It's getting more and more difficult to use my crutches because I am so weak. I've missed 5 weeks of school and have 3 tutors.  Any ideas? Thanks.

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Oh and my symptoms are always progressing, if that is important, like just last night my lips were tingling and so were my legs and it took a ridiculous amount of energy just to change postions- I was watching tv.
I also have headaches, but they're not like my usual ones, they are in my top of my head (like someone is pushing down on it or pushing from the inside) same thing with the back of my head, and they are both very tender-this has been going on for a several days. And my neck is tender as well, and like said before its always tilted.
My left leg is also getting alot worse since just a few days a go, and my left leg is the leg that i use and its getting weaker, so I don't know what to do. Thanks for your help! Any advice is appreciated.
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Oh! sweety I'm so sorry for all your going through.Your only 12.The type of headache sounds like either migraine or a sinus headache.Do you have allergies or have you had a cold recently?You really need an MRI or Ct scan.I hate to suggest this for someone your age,but with all your going through Soma (muscle relaxer) would help so much. I'm not sure they would give this drug to some one of your age. Ibuprofen is the best anti-inflammatory,strongly recommended.But of course check with doctor.Two tablets every six hours,no more than 6 in a day, more if doctor recommends.Ask to be tested for multiple sclerosis.I hope this helps.I hope you feel better.You'll be in my prayers.
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I am glad that you are going to see a neuro. May I suggest that you ask the doctor about Chiari Malformation. That can cause all kinds of problems like you were describing. An MRI of the brain and cervical area can check for this. Do not panic about this it is not a tumor ar anything like that. My 12 year daughter was diagnosed with this a few years ago because she has dizzy spells and problems with her balance sometimes. She also gets riniging in her ears. She gets bad headaches that go from the back of of head to the top. She says it is a pressure kind of feeling and sometimes sharp pains. These make her sick to her stoamch sometimes.  But this can cause all kinds of problems through out your whole body. Alot of people are not aware of this condition. It is treatable with surgery. You can look up some of the syptoms at www. asap.org.
Good luck to you and your family with finding your answers. I truly hope you fell better.
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I have chronic sinus infections (i was diagnosed almost a year ago). They've tried all kinds of medications, some that lasted for a month but it didn't help so i just have to deal with that, but this headache that I've been experiencing isn't like the kind I usually have from sinus infections. And my sister just experienced a migraine and she said it hurts more in your temples, so I'm not sure. Thank you for the support it's nice to talk to people who don't brush every symptom off as, oh your a kid, it's growing pains or something  like that. My dad hasn't been taking it too well, if I say I saw this really weird dot in my vision and it made it hard to read he says "Oh well that should go away in a few hours, you'll be fine," and I know he is only trying to reassure himself that I am fine when I'm not. Thanks again!

Those symptoms that you were describing are almost exactly like mine! I'll look on the website. Thank you for helping out!
And about the neurologist, at the moment he is deciding whether I "need" one or not, which is really annoying, we're paying him what does it matter? I hope he'll come to his senses soon I don't have forever. Anyway, thanks again!
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Oh and I have tried advil, motrin, aleve but none of them have worked so far, so I don't use any pain relievers. Plus I want to know when and if any of my symptoms are improving. Because I'm kind of hoping they'll just go away, which won't happen unless i have some disease that comes and goes like an autoimmune disease, but I think I've lost hope for because it's been about 8 weeks now, maybe 7.
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Wow, my heart goes out to you young fella. The worst is not knowing ay? at least with a diagnosis you can move on, have some idea about the future. Keep smiling.....and posting!
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Thanks everyone.. I'll tell you about my test results when I know (I will probably be getting a MRI on thursday).
Just wondering.. can they do an MRI if you have braces? Will they just not do the MRI or will they take off my braces??  I've heard that they sometimes take off kids' braces for MRI's and I really don't want to do that, they already hurt enough going on :-)

Thanks for all the input..I'll keep you guys updated.
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We will be waiting to hear how you are making out. Mkae sure you come back and let us know.
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Ditto what  chandry  said.....we have a chiari forum here on med help....please stop  by for more info!

Good luck
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Hi, Im real sorry to hear about what you are going through.. being only 12 you must be very brave...
Im glad to hear that you are going to see a neurologist.
I do have one question though, do you know if they tested you for heavy metals poisoning?? I know its an odd question, but I can't think of anything that would bring on such a quick set of severe syptoms..
well keep us posted..
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