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Back pain and painful xiphisternum

Having just read the post by heronbrook1 I would like to say that he is not alone.
I have just come back from the doctors and he is going to refer me to a specialist.
About 5 years ago I had an MRI scan because I reported a pain and a lump in my chest,
Nothing was done as it was not wrth damaging the chest wall and I was given a lecture on the sternum. The specialist advised that I had a little hernia in my tummy button.
I get the lower back ache every year when I don't keep it warm in the cold weather or over exertion.
My job is one of little exercise - I spend most of my time at a desk or in the car.
I can usually get rid of the back pain through exercise but this year I have the added complication of the paainful xiphoid.

I momentarily saw a connection on a web site relating the 2 conditions because of connectin muscle groups.

I've just bought a rowing machine to help lose a few pounds and generally get fitter and lose the back pain.

As heronbrook1 stated the sitting is bad - so much so that I am off to get a proper desk chair shortly.

I've have the kneely ones in the past.

I can't help thinking that all my problems are posture related  but food excess at Xmas made my chest quite painful. A good old burping session did not go a miss.

Just got some tablets off the doc for that.

I thought it was a haeatus hernia giving me the chest pain but the doc recons it's my xiphisternum.

My right elbow has been painful this last 2 months - I put that down to RSI.

Looks like steroid injections can remove the Sternum and Elbow pain but I would like to know the root cause for all of this.

Anyone reading this can contact me on my mobile 07711 752887

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