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Back pain

Hi, I am 29 years old and last winter I fell in my bathroom. Though there wasn't much visible wounds, I did sprain my leg. But three months after the accident, I developed this odd back pain. The pain is so severe that I find it hard to sleep. My doctor did a detailed check up and strangely the result showed negative for fractures and other complications. I tried doing various back exercises but it didn't help. My doctor suggested a chiropractic clinic in Mississauga for my back pain. I'm just worried whether the back pain would increase because of the procedure. That is the last thing I want. Has anyone had any bad experience with such procedures? Should I go for it? Thanks in advance.

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While I'm not a big fan of chiropractic, this modality of therapy can be useful in cases like yours.

Most who have visited a chiropractor have had bad experiences to relate. I'm speaking of chiropractors who pull muscles while trying to "adjust" the spine.

It is very important that a chiropractor work slowly to release inflammed soft tissue before attempting any abrupt adjustment of the neck or spine.

If your doctor recommends this chiropractor, then I would imagine they have worked together before.  Mixing allopathic medicine, for instance, strong anti-inflammatory or pain medication with chiropractic would yield the best results.

Remember, you are in control so advise your chiropractor of your comfort level. If you feel a sharp pain after an adjustment, let them know.

As far as permanent damage, there's little risk of this, since you've already had a full medical workup, have no broken bones, ruptured discs, or other conditions where a chiropractor may exacerbate a spinal problem.

Good luck.
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