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Back pain

Hi all I am new to this forum and just wondered if someone else has ever had the same experience as I have.  I was diagnosed with herniated/bulging discs back in January. Since then I have tried chiropractor, acupuncture, physical therapy, pain management and most recently epidural. I had the epidural on August 22nd, during the procedure which I was laying stomach down, my left leg involuntarily kicked up and I had excruciating pain in my left leg.  The dr said I needed to relax and he was going to give me more numbing meds. The next morning I felt ok, but the night of the 23rd I went to put my recliner down and felt a pop in my back. Searing pain brought tears to my eyes. That night I tried to get out of bed for no exaggeration for 3 hours but could not move my left leg never mind apply pressure to stand on it.  Let's just say I am still not able to stand straight, I was using a wheel chair and now I'm using a cane to walk. I have a hard time carrying anything over 10 lbs max because the pain is starting to go into my upper back, returned to my lower back and now it's down my leg into my shin and calf muscle. I just went for another mri, but I'm afraid this is not normal. The step is a back surgeon or neuro surgeon. Am I safe to assume the dr may have messed up or am I being over dramatic? I've tried pain meds(numerous to put a temp bandaid on it, heat, ice, tens unit, accupunture which makes for throbbing in my leg now.. The list goes on and on... Any suggestions or ideas or experiences would be appreciated. Thank you
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