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Back problem symptoms-burning in lower back, buttocks, burning behind legs while sitting...

I have gone to literally over 14 doctors- orthos,neurolgists, neurosurgeons, general practioners, and none of them has acknowledged my symptoms, but will only look at my MRIs and say, "everything's fine".

I have stopped going because I am so sick of paying them for not doing anything for me.  

My problem is related to my lower back and on one MRI a radiologist actually called it what it was- a slight? herniation of L5-S1 and a central disk "protrusion" in L4-L5.  But the neurologist failed to do his job and find out why when I sit, my perineum burns and I have a burning sensation that goes through my urethra also.  Also, while sitting, the back of my legs start to burn very badly, and sometimes my perianal region also.

Now, why can't a neurologist tell me what is being affected, given that it seems the nerves of my perineum and my bladder nerves are being compressed/irritated?  I am on Lyrica and Cymbalta, but other than weird dreams, the Cymbalta hasn't done much, and the Lyrica might be helping with the burning that I was having in my toes.

I have basically given up hope on doctors and have all my hope in God.  Anyway, just wanted to write to see if someone has any experience with the symptoms, or have seen anyone with what I am describing.  I have to lie down to get relief, but I have lied down with my neck on a pillow for so long that I strained my neck and my fingers and left arm started to tingle.  

Any suggestions anybody?
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I was on the road to getting back into shape. Attending a local gym. One day it just happened. In Nov. 2010.  I don't know --may have lifted something wrong?  Pain shooting down lower back, buttocks, traveling to front pelvic area with burning sensation, extreme shooting pains down my legs, more so on my right back of leg, severe constipation. Unable to sit without pain or for very long, felt more relief when I tilted to the left, unable to stand for no more than a minute or get comfortable. I could barely walk. Still working but barely getting thru the day.  Prior to my doctor's appt, I typed in all my symptoms online just to see what would pop up- herniated disc.  I followed some holistic suggestions online.  Heat, alternate with ice cold presses daily as much as possible, flat on back on floor, leg raise (very carefully I might add, hard when you can't straighten it out).  Alternating leg 'draped' over leg for stretches, keeping back flat on floor. Agressively did this.  Took an anti inflammatory and my guy, bless his heart, would massage me.  Oh and for the constipation- dried prunes and lots of water. Six weeks later had my dr. appt finally.  He talks to me, asks me questions, I told him I think I have an herniated disc, but he tells me my exercising caused an 'inflamation' and I also have a urinary tract infection after testing.  I went away, with prescriptions, thinking -no way. It's was way too painful to be that. Mind you I was already starting to recover..and mind you I did, but had a slight relapse about 4 mos later.for a couple of days.  I had one again in June, after helping my daughter move. I decided to try a chiropractor after a couple of weeks of this severe pain.  Totally forgot the heat/cold alternating, just doing cold. I described symptoms to him and he shook his head, and said my dear you have a herniated disc. HA!

He adjusted me and in a few hours I was walking much better.  He told me I need to really 'baby' this. He was adamant about this.  Pressing on a nerve, reason for the severe pain.  No sitting up.  Lay down feet laying over stack of pillows.. It looked like I was sitting down in a laying down position.  Try to keep good form in mind at all times.  Hold in tummy when standing.  That is hard to do when your back is out of whack.  I helped it by pressing on my tummy when I was walking but still try and do it by holding in using your tummy muscles. :)  He recommended ICE ICE ICE and anti inflammatory - heavy for a while.  I will be going back for another adjustment.  It's been a couple weeks now since then and I have improved greatly.  Some intermitent episodes.  

Then I read that heat and cold work well with this though and that the spinal area does not get much blood but you need heat to get blood there to help heal yet at the same time it can cause inflammation because of that blood...hence the cold to follow suit immediately to bring inflammation back down or prevent more of it.  That's what I was doing the first time it happened!  15 min. heat / 15 min cold. I now use a cream called trumeel(for inflammation) to rub on my lower back more on right side and I take a multi-vitamin, to help repair the tissue.    I also read -- do not use bad form (lifting, sitting, or standing) and no awkward or heavy lifting for 6 months. Walking is very good for you and constant stretches with legs (I do these laying down), slowly and deliberately.  A herniated (or bulging) disc can 're-absorb' itself back into the spine IF you take care of not aggravating it.  

I hit the 6 mo. mark in Jan 2012.  I guarantee you I will be working extra hard at taking care of myself to make sure that bulging disc re-absorbs itself!  
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Thank you Ana-Maria, I'm glad you're feeling better. You certainly did put forth a lot of good effort. You're an inspiration to us all.

It's not uncommon for people to injure themselves when first getting back into exercise.

You wrote  that you "Lay down feet laying over stack of pillows.. It looked like I was sitting down in a laying down position."

This is an excellent position for some one who has low back problems. I recommend using a footstool, think firm surface. Rest your bent legs (90 degrees) on the stool and lift your pelvis. Hold and relax into this position.

You wrote that you were "Alternating leg 'draped' over leg for stretches, keeping back flat on floor."

This is a good stretch for the hamstrings. For the best results you must breath and relax into a stretch and you must hold the stretch, this allows the muscle time to adapt. Stretch three times then move the muscle through it's full range of motion.

You wrote that you were advised to "Hold in tummy when standing."

Holding in your tummy, contracting your abdominal muscles, is an exercise and used when you need to brace yourself.

You wrote that you  were " ...flat on back on floor, leg raise (very carefully I might add, hard when you can't straighten it out)."  

The reason you can't straighten out is because your hamstring muscles are spasming/inflamed. Avoid sitting in hard chairs that dig into the back of your legs.

Straight leg raises is an advanced exercise to be done only by someone with strong abdominal muscles. If the abdominals are weak the pelvis tilts anteriorly which causes the low back to arch (pop). If the abdominals are strong the low back is pressed against the table and stays in a posterior tilt.

Traumeel is an anti-inflammatory, a homeopathic ointment.

If you sleep on your side place a long pillow between your knees and ankles. And don't stay in any one position for too long.

Rest well.
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Cold is first - followed by heat - then active range of motion. That is the order.
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You really are a special person PPNH. You are an inspiration to those who post their stories of desperation and have been largely written off by various sectors of the medical community.
I last posted on. Feb 27 2011 and appreciated your reply. I have tried to keep up stretching and exercising as much as possible but strong massage and any chiropractic manipulation results in my burns returning in Spades.
Since my last communication I have had an MRI on my lower back and I have 3 bulging discs, the worst being at L3/L4. Do you think this could have anything to do with my burns?
I am 71 and had a radical Prostatectomy 14 yeasts ago and have been on Androgen Deprivation Therapy ever since, as the cancer was outside the capsule. Another question; do you think that the ADT treatment could have led to the deterioration in my back and possibly my knees?
Do you think it might help my burns as well as my back pain by having a  facet joint injection?
I live in Western Australia and keep active with property development, chairing an IT company and being a part time art consultant. Sometimes I have to push myself if I have bad pain and burning but at least it takes my mind off my problems.
Keep up the good work and many thanks.
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Thank you agpb. I appreciate the compliment and the words of encouragement. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I was away.

It's interesting that you wrote because I have been thinking about you ever since and I wanted to tell you that your burning sensations may be due to bulging discs, nerve entrapment and/or activated trigger points.

I'm not sure what you mean when you describe your back as deteriorating. If you're referring to your bulging discs they will heal in time but if you suffer from osteoporosis yes, the ADT treatment may be responsible.

There is only one way to know for sure if a facet joint injection will help you. Please let us know if you decide to take that route and what the results are.

As far as your knees are concerned I would need to make an assessment based on your history. The 70 year old client I have been working with used to be a runner. He ran competitively and he was the best.

I'm left wondering if your chiropractor and masseuse/masseur knew that you suffered from bulging discs when they treated you and where the other herniations are.

I'm always impressed when people push through their pain - what's more inspiring than that!
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I was having a lot of pain today so I decided to go on line to see what I could find about my pain issues and I came across your conversation with these nice people and you seem to have lots of healing in your kind and gentle words.  Therefore, I thought I would jump into the conversation if you don’t mind.

I am a 45 year woman who has suffered these same type of symptoms for the last 10 years and I have the same story as these good folks have. It seems I have tried all Western and Alternative Med treatments you can think of.   It makes me so sad that other folks are suffering as I with this.  It is a slow torture and torment throughout one’s day, week, month and year.   I would not wish this on anyone.  

My symptoms are like everyone elses except my burning is in my left faucet joint area down into my buttocks and wraps around to the front of my Quad. All across my low, low back hurts. I cannot sit, stand or even lay down for more than 10 minutes without the pain sending me thru the roof.  I take Ambien just to get me through the night.    My pain is increasingly getting worse and worse and like some folks the doctors have no idea what is wrong with me.  I am not able to take anything orally for the pain because all the anti-inflammatory drugs I have taken over the last 10 years have messed up my system and my body does not tolerate any of the painkillers.  Boy! How I wish I could take a pill and make it all go away.  One gal said she is using Trameel – I haven’t heard of that.  I will try to find that.  

What I am currently doing is:  Yoga - I workout at the gym - I lay down on the ground with my buttocks, legs and feet up the wall (sometimes I ice while I am in this position) I do the Static Wall. This is where you get in a sitting position with your low back against the wall and hold for a minute or so.  I am on gluten, caffeine, and sugar free diet (just started this diet again)     I ice - I heat (but I didn’t know about icing then heating then gentle exercises - like you advised that lady to do)  I will try that.  I do my spine exercises and stretches – I use Bio Freeze and Asper Cream, but the last couple of weeks nothing seems to help much. Resting and moving is just not helping but what else is there????    Oh! I am praying too.  My worst times are during weather changes.  Why is that?  
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Wow! Such kind and gentle words!!!!   How many people do you think you are going to help with that type of attitude?  I am surprised you are not suffering with the rest of us.  Oh! Wait - I think you are suffering but in a different way.
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Holy smokes! What happened 10 years ago? And what could be happening to perpetuate your problem? You mentioned that you "tried all Western and Alternative Med treatments you can think of" but what you need is an evaluation to determine the source of the problem.

Pain across your lower back is indicative of active trigger points in the lower rectus abdominis muscle. I'm going to suggest that you start here because you describe pain in relationship to your posture. You wrote " I cannot sit, stand or even lay down for more than 10 minutes without the pain sending me thru the roof."

Lay on your back (supine) and bend your knees. Using your fingers press into your lower rectus abdominis muscle. Keep moving around until you find a sore spot. Most lower trigger points are located on the outside border of this muscle and where it attaches to the pubic bone. Apply pressure. If you hit on the right spot you will reproduce the pain in your lower back. If this is the source of your problem the rest will take care of itself.

If you're unsure whether the pain is due to something other than muscle raise your legs ever so slightly to tense the abdominals. If the spot is still sore that indicates a positive Carnett's sign. Then you know the problem is in the abdominal muscle and due to nerve impingement and/or an active trigger point.

If you can't find a sore spot have someone else apply the pressure - preferably someone skilled in palpating muscles.

Good luck and please make every effort possible and focus on the abdominal muscles. I'm sure that's the source of your problem as the abdominals are often overlooked as a source of back pain.
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I have the same program with lower back pain and burning across from one hip bone to other hip bone... I had 4 MRI in the past 5 yrs and going to for my 6th on Thursday,  Right now I'm on prednisone 80mg and number of pain meds that doesn't do anything for me... The doctors are thinking of opening me up ....... to see what's going on... what do you think?

Here's something that I haven't read... that happens to me around few months...  My back locks up and I can't stand up straight for about 3-4 days. I pick up a sock from the floor - to just seating in a chair and start getting up and it hits... I end up at the ER to get shots to my back to lower relieve the pressure and pain..........help me... if you  can.....
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I am suffering from buttock burning sensation for last 2 years. My right side from HIP starts paining till my foot  when i get sharp pain in my buttock area  . Several MRi has been done & nothing have been found. The pain is so bad that all my routine activity gets disturbed. When u get the pain  & i get friction kind movement in my buttocks with several movements which is painfull . Intially it was in my right side but nw its spreading to my left also .

I have gone through excercise but they r not helping much . its almost years & half nw that i am exercising nw .

Please help , as its very depressing . please drop your reply to my mail id ...... ***@**** .

looking forward for your help .
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I am an 18yr old, 6ft 2in tall, 150lb male and I have mostly similar symptoms. My neurologist diagnosed me with degenerative disk disease. You should check back in with your neurologist and ask about this diagnosis. Hope I helped cause I know the pain is excruciating!
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I have problems with burning in my upper back, buttocks and hamstrings. It gets aggravated when I am sitting or laying on my back. I have to sit and lay on my sides and change sides often because of burning that gets worse the longer I am in one position.  In summer times it gets worse because of the heat sensation when sitting and if feels sometimes if the heat" builds up" and I have to stand up for some relief!
I went to dr etc. but they do not know what can cause this, did blood tests etc.
All the muscles in my back, especially those that covers my spine feels bruised to the touch,(especially the upper part of my spine) my neck are so stiff, feels if I were in a "crash"! I told the dr. this, but he did not think any thing about it, because according to him, it cannot cause this kind of symptoms...
It all started when my neck and shoulder muscles went into a spasm after I bought a new pillow to sleep on and from there on my muscles in my back and neck started to feel so sore and "bruised"
Went to physio therapist for 4 sessions, it was painful sessions! but it did not help at all!
Can you please give any advice?  Can this sore and stiff(spasms) muscles cause the burning in my back, buttocks and thighs? The burning gets worse with compression!?
I would appreciate any feedback, seeing that I am walking with this for more than a year now.  Thanks
Any other prognosis?
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I also suffer from all the burning in the buttocks area.. It started after i got hurt at work and had to have surgery on my lower back .. But the pain in my left buttock area burns so bad and now it has spread to the right side . When i sit I also get pains down my legs and I am so tired of this ****!! The doctor says OHHH everything is fine... NO ITS NOT.. They have no freakin clue what kind of pain we are going thru .. and this **** makes u feel like u r loosing ur freakin mind.. I got to pain management and have had four blocks done this year and the only thing happening is i am getting worse.. It affects my everyday living.... But while the rich get richer ... Us back injured folks stay hurting longer and broker..
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I too have same problem.
Have you cured your problem, if yes can you please let me know
In my nerve conduction test tibial and peroneal nerves are functioning very slow.
I have tried chiropractor, no help at all.
The problem started due to wearing bad shoe in my both feet 8 months ago then it spread  till my lower back. The worst part is that I can't sit due to burning in Buttocks, lower back, back side of leg basically where it is latching .
Please let me know cure
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Hi Venkatsuresh,
I too have same problem as u described , but in both feet and one hand.
Can you please tell me what kind of cure she got.
I am Indian female 35 years old.
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i have a burning sensation around lower back, hip area and under my feet. i have been for medical check ups, urologist R15 000.00 MRI brain and spinal cord. No problem according to the professionals. The most annoying thing about the professionals not having the answer is that they assume you are stressed of suffer from anxiety., and waist your time on medication that makes no difference.        
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I'm sorry that you've been suffering and I'm sorry I did not respond sooner but I only just received your post.

I know what your problems is and it's not due to the muscles in your back locking up - it's the opposite - the muscles in the front of your body are locking up. Your hip flexors are spasming. The pain you feel across your lower back is a result of tight iliopsoas and/or tight rectus abdominis muscles. These muscles contract (tighten up) when you bend forward (flex at the hip) or when you sit in a chair with your knees higher than your hips (car seats are very bad for this).

There is an easy test to check for tightness. Lay flat on your back on the bed with your bottom at the edge (the foot) of the bed. Grasp your bent right leg under the knee and bring it up towards your chest. Make a note of where your left leg is. If it is not hanging down freely but up in the air your hip flexors are tight. Switch legs and test the other side.

There are a couple of simple and effective stretches that you must do to relieve the muscle tension. To stretch the iliopsoas muscles lay on your back, bend your knees and spread them apart keeping the soles of your feet together. Place pillows on the outside so you can rest your knees where you feel a good stretch between your legs. Hold this position. I think you may also find it helpful to place a thick firm pillow under your bottom.

To stretch the rectus abdominis muscle lay face down (prone) on the floor and breath in as you lift your upper body using your arms. Keep your pelvis pressed firmly against the floor. This position in yoga is called the cobra.

These are effective stretches for your tight hip flexors and you must do them on a regular basis until your muscles are functioning normally again.

It's interesting to note that most everyone I speak with thinks that when they are in the cobra position they are stretching the back muscles when in fact, they are doing the opposite. They are shortening the muscles in their back and stretching the muscles in the front of their body.

I hope that I have made myself clear and that you follow through with my instructions. It's so frustrating that medical doctors aren't more helpful and that people suffer as a result.

It is in our best interest to learn how our muscles function so we can heal ourselves.
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Yes, if you have an active trigger point it will burn and if you lay down on one it will burn.

I advise you to seek out an experienced masseuse/masseur.  And keep going back until you're all better. Just last week I massaged a client who suffered the effects of a new pillow. It was a good thing that she had a masseuse she could call. Everyone ought to have one. Years ago when I first started working the common comment was, I used to think massage was a luxury but now it's a necessity.

In the meantime, use tennis balls and use moist heat. Drink plenty of fluids before sleep that way you will be forced out of bed every few hours. When you sleep on your side place a pillow between your legs that fits under the both the knee and ankle joints. Learn how to roll on to the other side with the pillow between your legs. When sleeping on your back place a firm cushion under your bottom.

Don't sit on hard chairs that cut into the back of your legs. Don't sit in chairs that you sink in to. Your knees should be at about the same level as your hips, not higher.

Exercise and stretch your muscles.

Also, learning the basics on how muscles function and using proper body mechanics can go a long way in avoiding problems all together.

Feather pillows are best support for your neck and head because you can scrunch them up and size them to fit.

Cheers to living healthy and whole!
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Depressing indeed, but I'm sure I can help you.

Here is how to tell if you are suffering from painful piriformis syndrome aside from the obvious squirming when you sit.

The Pace Abduction Test is positive if, when you lay on your back (supine) with your legs straight out in front of you, your foot (the right in your case) is turned outward a lot (lateral rotation).

It is difficult to cross your legs.

It is painful when you sit in a chair and try to push your knees apart when some one is holding them still.

It's painful when you try lift your knee against resistance when you are laying on your left side with your right hip flexed at 90 degrees.

Two ways to work this muscles is to lay on your side with your hip flexed at 90 degrees. Move the bent knee up and down and apply pressure against resistance.

Lay on tennis balls for a deep massage when you are on your side.

Apply ice and try moist heat.

Make sure that the pillow you place between your legs when you sleep is long enough to support your whole leg and foot.

Try to avoid driving as sitting with your legs spread shortens the piriformis muscle and aggravates the problem.

Please take action as you have been suffering way to long already.
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i have pain for almost a year now... in the lower back,feeling weak and pain after bowel movement and i have pain in the thighs,buttocks,anus and behind the legs...please help...any suggestions...
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I have been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis at the L5-S1.  To put it in English it is a fracture of the vertebra at that level.  I causes pain in the lower back, buttocks, backs of the legs, ankles and feet.  The only position I have found while sleeping that helps is on my side with a body pillow between my legs.  I am on Lyrica & Robaxim to help.  The nerve pain has been covered up slightly but sometimes it flares up so bad I want to scream.  It feels like my buttocks, lower back and feet are on fire.  I have swelling in the feet, ankles, knees, hands, etc.  I also have a neck fusion which hasn't taken for the second time so now I have to go through a third C-Spine fusion.  I have had a Facet Block done on the lower back with no positive results.  In fact, the pain has gotten stronger and more pronounced since the injection.  See a Neurosurgeon and Orthopedic surgeon.  I have been bounced between doctors too and the only one with a sort of good answer is the Orthopedic spinal surgeon.  I have had two nerve conduction studies and neither of them has shown any problems with my nerves, BS.  The Physiatrist told me that there are so many nerves in the body that a nerve conduction study being negative doesn't mean anything,  Keep at getting help.  I have even been told by two very good doctors that I am disabled because of my conditions and Soc. Security denied my claim.  Unreal.  Anyway, keep at it.
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why don't you ask your doc for an upright MRI.  you are clearly getting nerve root compression which may be more in an upright position than recumbent, so the MRI is not showing the real amount of compression you are experiencing when upright.
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Recently, I have the same thing. I have something in my low back and butt cheeks that stings and burns all day. It is hard to sleep when I have it. Sometimes, mine is accompanied by bursitis (swelling in the hip joints). It USUALLY occurs during periods of high stress as I have more and more frequently due to money issues, the economy, a bad neighborhood and a disabled spouse who needs cared for. I am hesitant to even GO to a doctor because I know they will laugh at me. The only things that help at all are escaping the stress by leaving the house, ibuprofen, hugs and laughing and/or crying. I hope this helps.
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i am originally from india, living in in here since 2003. i am in situation like you. 10 years back it statrted with burning in my back.what i am telling every thing related to this burning pain. since my teenage time(i was in severe depression and i didn't know about it) i had lot of  inferiority complex that i am short i used to think i am ugly all the time , never used to go to parties , if go also used to sit alone thinking that everybody thinks  i am ugly, in my college days i never made any friends , and i used to sit alone thinking that i am ugly. after i got married i was ok around 1year. then i started thinking that my husband likes other ladies even he looks  at my or my sister, and i used to say to him all the time(he is the best husband in the world, he loves me lot, he is with all the time, when i needed help, he is like god in the form of husband) i wanted to stop thinking but could not stop, i used to cry a lot because i could not control my thoughts. then i went to my doctor(we were in NJ ) told about burning in the back, he did not believe in me, and i asked him to refer me to psychiatrist for my thoughts he prescribed me paxill after month of using paxill my thougts, inferiority were gone, so as my burning pain and i was normal without pain. i went to india for 4 months. and after 6 months stopped taking medicine( i didnot know that should not stop depression medicines suddenly) burning got worse this time in my legs also. then moved to CA. then i went to different doctors nobody trusts me , they say that it is just  my mind (i used to have weared symptoms along with dryness in the mouth,used to burn in the eyes, hard to walk, talk,i couldnot do small exercieses, or swimming i used to get tired fast and burning used to get worse, it get worse before and during my ovulation time , and my periods, too much pain in my shoulders and neck, and too much muscle tightness)one doctor believed me that when i used paxill  i got better. he told me that its neurotransmitters in the brain is the problem. he gave me prozac for 6 months i was relaxed with the neck , shoulder and muscle tightness but burning pain is same. then i went to india and i went neuropsychiatrist told him about all my symptoms and he said burning pain eighter because of diabetis or anxiety. he gave me loropazam(atavin) and escitalopram oxalate tabletsa(lexapro) after using for around 10 days i was normal without any pain. whenever i am india and using medicines iam perfect without pain, normal. when i am here eventhogh i use medicene still have pain , not normal as when ia in india. the reason is i am so stressed here all the time all the time we are here (around 10 years) we never had any friends, family, hard to get pregnant never had children . we are only two in the house. my husband is more  spiritual, self oriented, has goals in life. on other hand iam more peolpels person i like family , friends, children and i feel so lonely and depressed all the time. i am 100% sure its because of anxiety and depression. talk to doctor who can understnad your situation tel him about my sotry me be he will understand your problem and  help you.
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im suffering from the same symptoms, when i walk im fine but when i sit my buttocks and perineum goes on fire, even back of my thigh get hot and i have to get up to cool it down, i have pain in my lower back as well, and on top of all that i have frequent headaches now. it all started with a little burning down there without any other thing like images on google,  i visited several gyno and run blood and urine test (at that time i didnt have pain or burning in my buttocks) so by this time i was going crazy with no answer so i started searching alot on the web., the symptoms was matching with herpes, but how i can have that and im still virgin and no sexual act of any kind whatsoever??!! i did the blood test anyhow cause they cant take anyother way...it was negative for type 2 but positive for type 1 and she said "despite you are saying it still burning but there is no current infection at the moment and result of type 2 showing it is not new, and antibody in your system is for long time, some 3.5 or something, so we are not sure it is gentile or oral that u have" also she said "it is possible to get from public toilet or even to infect yourself if u had oral herpes by touching or something" so long story short burning didnt go away like they say about herpes within 14 days or max a  month, and my symptoms increasing day by day, stiff back muscle and buttocks and burning which reaches even around my anus, unable to wear jeans and sometimes underwear...i have some pus in my urine as well but my ultra sound for kidney and bladder (i have done it twice) are normal, body temperature changes and im depressed alot, cant focus on my studies or anything and gynos just telling me its in my head and put me on ciprelax and lexotanil which are antidepressant and anxiety pills, and TONS of antibiotics and topical creams for everything (fungus,bacteria, herpes, burning, oil, etc) no relief , pls help me or give me some adv. if anyone of you found any type of cure
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Please research Piriformis Syndrome.
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hi, i have the same syptoms, i had an accident 14 months ago, and since than i have problem with my low back that shoots down to my left leg with burning sensation and numbness in my foot and toes, and many times my foot and toes got too cold and they turned blue. when i went to see the doctor they did an MRI, and they told me that my luber spine is fine but i have another thing, it is dislocation in the sacrum and the coccyx, but i told them there is something else going on, and the time is going, then my doctor told me that i am imagining the pain and nothing is going on with me, i got mad then i went to another doctor and they found slight disc in L5-S1, and they told me that does cause the symptoms i have, and my left leg locks and i can not bend it. i do not trust doctors they all need money. hopefully you will feel better.
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read up on dural ecstasia
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My neighbor was diagnosed with MS and SSI turned him down several times.   I have heard thru several people that this is common but however if you hire an attorney, they will fight for you and win.  They take their earnings from your back SSI.  SSI will pay you bake pay from the time you applied.  You should not be out any money.  I wish you Good. Luck.  
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I have the same type of burning in my buttocks and thighs when I sit for lengthy periods, for years, so I feel for you as I DO know how uncomfortable it is! It must be hard having to sit so long every day! ... I can tell you what helps me after years of having daily, burning symptoms (and going to doctors who do not know what is causing it which is very frustrating! ) When I know I have to sit for a long time, such as on a trip, I bring a soft pad made of a cut up 'memory foam' topper placed in a pillow case. I switch with sitting on that, and on a book for a while, so the bones at the top of my legs support my weight.  Then after an hour or so I replace it w/ the memory foam and prop my legs up.  We stop often so I can walk around. ALSO the best prescription cream I've ever used is one that has Lidocaine in it. It numbs the pain very well. My neurologist called it into a local apothecary (a pharmacist that mixes meds). The cream also has an anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant and a neuro agent, I think , called Gabapentin. The most effective ingredient, though is the Lidocaine. That's what you need , I believe, and an understanding boss who will let you take frequent walking breaks. Also what helps me is to massage the sore areas. It could be that pressure is decreasing your circulation which results in pain. I have located sore muscles near my rectum. Putting cream there and massaging these muscles have helped (muscles ANYWHERE can cramp  lol ! ) Good luck.
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You my friend are so right.I  sustained a back injury 20 yrs ago.I was a body builder,many doctors seing the hyper musculature thought I was just trying to collect money from the workers compensation,at 25 an orthopedic surgeon stated I had the spine of a 70 yr old.Why? I had so much O.A and all my disks were so far degenerated.to make a long story short I live in Canada,we dont pay to see the physicians,or for CTs Mris, and most is all covered I have had 3 back surguries now all paid for and I find myself unable to walk now.Because I am having the same plus severe muscle tone in my butt Quads and hamstrings it is unbearable at times I am on 7x80mg Oxycontin,2 times a day am pm 1200 mg lyrica 80mg baclofen 3 x 10 mg valium 150mg methadone 2mg Nabalone I have permision to smoke medical Marijuana you would think I get pain relief NOT oh ya all meds are paid for to they come to over 4000Dollars a month I am going crazy I just turned 50 and I am considering a nursing home.I am in the proccess of tests maybe its another laminectomy plus my knees sound like a 200 yr old wood floor the creeking because of the arthritis I nee both replaced. I am a man with faith in my GOD as now he is the only hope I have I mfeel for you all back and its related aches and pains are terrible Keep praying people I hope your GOD brings you the relief you all deserve
I will pray for you to we will get threw this keep the faith and bless you all
Paul the hurtin unit
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Thank you Paul. I'm sorry to hear that you're still suffering after all these years and three surgeries.  And, that you just turned 50 years old and you're considering a nursing home. Ouch!

Everyday you're swallowing pills in the form of Oxycontin, Lyrica, Baclofen, Valium, Methadone and Nabalone and still there is no relief from your pain suffering and anxiety.

I think you should treat yourself and spend the winter in the tropics.  Celebrate your 50th birthday in style and focus on healing your body.  Bask in the warm sun, swim in the sea and take long walks along the waters edge.  Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that takes the pressure off your joints.

My philosophy on aging is that every year we should have more fun than the last.  

Please Paul, make it happen. You're only half way through your life.
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This could be a cervical issue causing this. I am a physician and also have the same issues. Have mild cervical stenosis. my neurologist did not think it is coming from my neck. labs nl Emg nl. Going to speak to 2nd neuro as well as neurosurg
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i am in the same boat as you i have fought them for several years and now i now have burning in my lower back my email is horses_112188***@**** if you want to chat
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My chiropractor who does a touch release method has alleviated most of the burning in my feet. However still gave burning in back of thighs & through pelvic area. Hope you find some relief soon.
1137259 tn?1260705950
Could you tell me please why they thought it was a urinary problem? And what was the actual diagnosis? Actual problem? Maybe inbox me on ***@****
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hello everyone. this post is pretty old but i used to come onto these forums in search for help. i didnt find any answers through these forums but i went on my own search for help and now i am having the RIGHT drs and RIGHT therapists help me.











I only came back to these forums so someone else can receive the proper care because i was so desperate and depressed and in so much pain and my quality of life was ruined starting from the age of 29. So i came back to let others know to at least see a urologist/pelvic specialist and physical therapist that specializes in pelvic pain and rule out any of these issues:



ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE, YOU CAN EMAIL ME @ ***@****; please put pelvic pain on the title so i do not think this is spam.



WHERE TO FIND HELP : http://www.pudendalhope.info/node/63#CA


DRS SPECIALIZING IN PELVIC PAIN: http://www.pudendalhope.info/node/54

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pelvic pain can also cause bladder issues, urgency , etc.

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I've had the identical ailment for most of my life (I'm 80).  It occurs anywhere a part of my presses on a firm surface (so, mainly my butt, backs of my legs, bottoms of my feet).  Over the years it's become much worse.  About six months ago I got an MRI of my lower back but the doctors could not tell me what was causing the severe burning.  

A local "Healer" I see. . .said she's sure it's a form of shingles.  However, my family doctor poo-pooed the idea, even tho she had no other explanation.  I, too, decided to stop trying to find out what's causing the burning, to learn to live with it.

I've tried sitting on icepacks; however, it's just as uncomfortable as the burning.      
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Hi, Thanks for posting the information. I have been suffering from Dipresssion and Anxiety disorder. But recently i have experiencing severe burning sensation in lower back and waist, and also on different parts of body. Now i got answer for this problem from you.

I have not taken any medication yet for the Depresssion and anxiety. I have been trying to control it throught exercise and meditation. But it is very difficult. and i am trying to ignore it.
I also have the problem of numbness of leg and hands some time. This also due to depression and anxiety.
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I am so grateful to have found this forum as I have been suffering for a year with a similar issue and thought that I was crazy and that no one understood what I was going through. Last June I started having redness swelling and burning in my feet ,one day I put my feet up in an elevated position and suddenly the extreme heat sensation moved to my pelvic and abdominal area and back. But as soon as I stand up it goes away.  It began to spread until it takes over from my breast all the way down my thighs. I get so hot that I have to put ice packs on my back just to sit at my computer. Also after a few months of this, I was changing the sheets and noticed that my mattress had turned black only under where I sleep, from the heat I assume, because my white shirts have also turned black under my arms and on the back, as well as miSmatch watch band has turned black. I have had MRI of head, spine, Full body CT, ultrasounds of all body parts, and numerous blood and other expensive tests. So far about 16, 000 dollars spent and nothing. Nothing but feeling crazy and depressed every time the Dr. Calls and tells you the tests look fine, because you want to say it is not fine to suffer with something that no one understands and have Dr.s make you feel like it is all in your head. I can sleep well, can,t sit through movies, and can,t cuddle with my husband of 20 years anymore because it is just too hot to tolerate. Any thoughts or advice would be great. Thanks in advance...
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good luck Dr"s do not care ( do no harm) legislation they want you to kill yourself, so they aren't to blame.

7721494 tn?1431631564
I am surprised that you were told that your images were "fine," as most human beings have some degree of disc degeneration by age 50.

Here's an easy test that won't cost a dime -- have someone measure your height carefully by marking off inches on a wall, and standing with your feet together, heels against the wall, and measuring the top of your skull using a ruler perpendicular to the wall. Chances are you've lost a 1/2 inch or more, which indicates some loss of intervertebral space and corresponding disc narrowing.

This little test means nothing other than the MRIs showed "nothing" is wrong. They must have shown disc narrowing, and that's an important sign of degenerative disease.

You need to see a pain specialist. Chronic pain is a disease of the nervous system. It is a relatively new field of medicine and not given much attention in a 4-year medical program.  Pain physicians are trained in the physiology and treatment of chronic pain, and in specifically in interventional procedures that help reduce pain.

Burning feet suggests foot neuropathy, and the symptoms you describe that change with posture are sometimes found in cases of spinal stenosis, although they are poorly understood.

A pain specialist holds an MD or DO degree and is a licensed physician, but also has advanced trained in anesthesia and pain management. They are board certified by the American Board of Pain Management, and their credentials read: MD, DABPM or DO, DABPM.

You can find these doctors in university teaching hospitals, in private practice, and in pain clinics. Search the internet in your area, or consult with your state pain society if you are having trouble locating one.

Best wishes.
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I'm in pain management for the same things she has stated burning pain in lower back. I've been through Epidural shots in spine, epidural shot through the joints, put on a narcotic drug for pain called Tramadol, and Lidocaine patches for back along with an inflamation drug Meloxicam and Tizandine. I now lost feeling in my right pinky and my left pinky is the same way. The MRI showed bulging discs and a cyst inside back. All they have done for me is cover up the pain not finding what is causing it and correcting the issue. I am fed up like she is because nothing is working.
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I can trace like my therapist from my lower back across to my R.buttocks too my thigh.  The sciatic nerve turns into a cable of fire, especially a few hours after I eat.  My right hip which is a hip replacement will be fired up for real.  My thigh will burn until the boiler of ice water with cloths will turn it lukewarm in a little.  I have to sleep in a recliner and because the air is on low the rest of my body becomes chilled.  I pull a thin sheet over me and take anti anxiety meds to sleep.  I will wake a couple hours later and my whole body will be on fire.  I'll have to throw the sheet off and try to cool down by stripping.  No doctor can help.  I was in a car accident years ago, so I was already on Morphine sulfate. gab, anxiety med.  Still no help from Doctors.
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I went to dozens of Drs and test after test for back pain. First was told it was a bad disk then told bone spurs. Had injections and epidurals. Tried dozens of medications and found no relief from the pain. finally one dr did a simple blood test and said my inflammation levels were thru the roof. Finally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. As yet been unable to lower the inflammation and has spread to most other joints including ribs and both shoulders. Drs will do MRIs and x-rays and tell u nothing is wrong when all it may take is a simple blood test. Hope this helps
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Hi I have been researching this like mad as my father in law was left with INSENSE searing burning pain across his buttocks and down his legs fizzles out as it hits his knees, has been left like this for 6 months after his knee replacement surgery...no doc appears to know what is going on, so far my research has found out that it sounds like posterior femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment, which is quite uncommon and therefore most docs dont treat it, there was talk of Prudendal nerve entrapment but that affects the genitals and he doesn't have that pain.  He cannot sit or lie down, only on his side, cant sleep either and hence very depressed.  Maybe you can ask your medical team to investigate POSTERIOR FEMORAL NERVE ENTRAPMENT..good luck
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i am also suffering the same problem please help me when i am sitting i have burning  sensation my buttocks and my feet  please reach me ***@****
Any prognosis or relief?
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I am having the same issues with my back, buttocks, and the back of my legs. It seems to hurt a lot worse when I'm  at work because I sit down all the time in front of the computer and answer phone calls. I don't know what to do because the only time that I feel any type of relief was when I laid down on my stomach and get a massage but even than, my back would start hurting again after about 20 minutes. I would like to find out what is going on and what I can do to get my body to stop hurting all the time. It's not helping my family much because I have to take care of three kids but it hurts so bad to do a lot of things around the house due to my body hurting all the time, can someone please help me and give me some suggestions as to what to do because I can't lay down all the time with three kids in the house.
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Check out the pudendial nerve on the net... there are only several doctors in the United States the treat it… I live in Virginia and have to travel to New Jersey to see Dr. awkward. I have gone through hell and almost suicide but I’m still trying to hang in there as my life as dwindled away to just pain and suffering .  However Dr. Oakwood has given me some help and is running test ever there in New Jersey instead of the idiot doctors here in Virginia.
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