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Back problem symptoms-burning in lower back, buttocks, burning behind legs while sitting...

I have gone to literally over 14 doctors- orthos,neurolgists, neurosurgeons, general practioners, and none of them has acknowledged my symptoms, but will only look at my MRIs and say, "everything's fine".

I have stopped going because I am so sick of paying them for not doing anything for me.  

My problem is related to my lower back and on one MRI a radiologist actually called it what it was- a slight? herniation of L5-S1 and a central disk "protrusion" in L4-L5.  But the neurologist failed to do his job and find out why when I sit, my perineum burns and I have a burning sensation that goes through my urethra also.  Also, while sitting, the back of my legs start to burn very badly, and sometimes my perianal region also.

Now, why can't a neurologist tell me what is being affected, given that it seems the nerves of my perineum and my bladder nerves are being compressed/irritated?  I am on Lyrica and Cymbalta, but other than weird dreams, the Cymbalta hasn't done much, and the Lyrica might be helping with the burning that I was having in my toes.

I have basically given up hope on doctors and have all my hope in God.  Anyway, just wanted to write to see if someone has any experience with the symptoms, or have seen anyone with what I am describing.  I have to lie down to get relief, but I have lied down with my neck on a pillow for so long that I strained my neck and my fingers and left arm started to tingle.  

Any suggestions anybody?
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I don't know why one of the docs would not prescribe PT, Epidural injections, Steroids, Trigger point injections, the list goes on. Maybe one of them could refer you to pain mgmt. This is all the things they do for me. Good Luck!!!
Big Orange Fayray
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A patient at the hospital I work at had a similar issue, several tests were ran and finally as a last resort he was referred to a Urologist. They found the problem and were able to successfully treat it. You should try that and see what if anything a Urologist finds! Good luck!
What is the cause of burning sensation of the buttocks
What is the cause of the hitting inside the body
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Hello, sorry you're in pain also.  I have settled on living with my pain.  It waxes and wains.  I am only seeing a neurologist, who has prescribed me Lyrica, for the burning in my feet and toes; and Cymbalta, to help my back and my spirits.  I have been on Zoloft for GERD, and now Cymbalta, for my back problems.  I like both of them, and think they helped me through the toughest of my situations.  The strange dreams are interesting also.

People at church ask me about my back, and tell me they are praying for me.  I am glad they are, and I've resigned for God to help me with my back pain, as no doctor can help me.  I shelled out over $850 in out-of-pocket expenses in April, for NOTHING.  It will take a lot to get me back in a doctor's office.

I pray you get better.
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I have burning too.  Feet mostly.  MRIs, blood tests, lumbar puncture - you name it - I had it.  All fine.  I'm tired of the pain and $$ going toward it.  I take neurontin, cymbalta too.  Not sure if it's doing anything but emptying my pockets.  I feel your pain literally.  Keep on praying my friend:)
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I feel the same thing versute1.. I have the same symptoms...  Same thing with the drs they tell me the same things... I should give you my email or aim name so we can chat.. I have been apply for ssi for 5 yrs they keep turning me down said that im a healthy 29 yr old and i can get well.
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I also forgot to add.. That i get bad headaches ... I wake up with hang over like headaches every morning .. and I have stomach problems like IBS.. and all that.. and the med.. they dont help.. or to strong.. and I have a 10 yr old and 4 yr old and can not drug my self up like that
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As crazy as this may sound - are you sure you don't have a bladder infection/irriation? The burning systems you describe, associated with the urethra and bladder could be UTI (Urinary Track Infection).
This is very painful, causing burning and overall discomfort in the lower back and pelvic area. sometimes. I'm NOT suggesting in anyway, that you don't also have the disks L5 - S1 problem, too. However; it's just possible that the other symptoms are coming from your bladder. If it's UTI, it is easly cured with the proper medication prescribed by your doctor. A simple urine specimen will show whether or not it's UTI.

Best wishes
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This isn't a work related injury is it?  I was hurt at work and had basically the same symptons, with bludging disc L3-4, L4-5 and was in excruciating pain radiating down my leg, causing numbness in half of my calf and toes, to the point to where I lost all sensation in my toes (little toe up to 3rd toe) and neurologist still refused to acknowledge I had any nerve damage.  Insurance company rehab nurse sent me to an arthritis doc who, is trying to treat me for arthritis.  I have never been diagnosed with arthritis nor do I exhibit any of the symptons of arthritis (as described on line).  So good luck, sorry if insurance is not related I can't understand why you are not in pain management.  Good Luck and God Bless ~
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My mom met with stroke eight months back and after P.T she can able to move like a normal person with very or no deformity at all.  The problem is two months after stroke she had burning pains in her butts, upper thighs(only on the right side) and toes. The symptoms comes only when she is sitting or lying nothing while standing. That is only if her butts or thighs rest on some chair or bed it burns.  She too has neck pain in the left side and left arm pain while lying done. She is from India and presently I take her to a neurologist regularly. No pain or other medications except Lyrica (comes under different brand name here) along with Coumardin type of anti-coagulant for her stroke prevention.  She has been periodically monitored for INR values for anti-coagulant associated therapy and risks. When the dosage of Lyrica initially from 75mg was raised to 150 mg per day her INR value dropped down to 1.3 which poses a stroke risk.  So the doctor cut down 75mg out of 150mg and now she is taking only 75mg which proves ineffective. Will her Lyrica interact with coumaridn type of anticoagulant which may decrease her INR value. Any patients please suggest if you are taking anticoagulant drugs.  Again how to manage her burns.  We have taken any spine MRI as our doctor advices that it is unnecessary and ofcourse costly in our country.  God bless all the visitors in this forum. Thanks and bye. Any suggestions welcomed regarding my mom's symptoms
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Just trying to figure out what's wrong with me!  I have this re-occuring "condition" that has never really been given a name.  I go between my OB and internist.  The ob says it's a "condition" I'm prone to -- and I'm treated with double doses of antibiotics (NOT an STD).  To me, it feels more like an inflamation in my lower back and lower pelvic area -- a burning across my lower back.  I go thru bloodwork, ultra sounds, cat scans...everything normal!  They always, in the end, say stress / IBS!  Any thoughts?
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ok hope this may help, but the sensation you describe in the legs I had. I also suffered with what felt like tingling in the buttom area. My spine felt numb, i had tingling down one arm which lead to two arms. My legs were weak and felt like they couldn't take my weight. I basically had no strength in my whole body at the end of it. Doctors couldn't diagnosis it. I always had this reoccuring dream that my teeth were falling out, quite bizzare i know. so i checked up on the internet about teeth. every symptom i had related to TMJ so went to my doctor and asked if i could have it. He took one look in my mouth and said, quite possibly. So have been getting treatment for TMJ for the last 8 months and am feeling good. TMJ is very misleading can mimic alot of things. Does your jaw pop or crack when opening. If so get down to your dentist for further investigation. Hope this helps. TMJ also causes Fibromyalgia
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I just posted the same question. how come i only have issues that don't seem to have answer form a doctor.  This burning sensation is horrible. I have had it off and on on different parts of my body for my whole life.  When I was pregnant which ended as a miscarriage I would wake up each morning with the patch on a different part of my body.  After the miscarriage it went away.  Now this is the same feeling.  No my leg doesn't burn as bad but now it feels like I just got over a charlie horse, really achy.  I was told I had Sciatica by a doctor.
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I have a little pain in my lower back but I have burning sinsation in my buttocks down my right leg and sometimes to my foot. I went to the VA hospital because I hurt my back in the Army back in 1991 and they refuse to give any help other than mortin. I have tried to get a little disabilty but they denied me. I guess I will have to keep trying. If anyone can help me with this let me know. Thanks! JAT.
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back pain started with abdominal pain many bloods carried out power  lower back xray carried out ,ct scan of abdominal area and pelvic area done to ,urine test done three times , now i have pain in my spine and lower back ,buttock and rib cage areas and all i get from my doc is more pain killers , i have asked for a MRI scan but he said not required this as been going on for five months now and the pain is getting worse, clipped the edge and now suffering big time ,pain when breathing in also and chest infection ,pain on lying down or sitting down this is driving me mad as the doc say thery can not see any thing
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I am running into the same problem with going from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist. I have burning in my lower back (feels like an iron is being held to it) and shooting pain down the back of my left leg and muscle weakness in my right thigh. My feet are also now burning and hurt. I also get pelvic pain. I get zinging type electrical shocks going through my back, legs, and feet. I also have blurry vision and get dizzy easily.

MRI's show some things, but nothing that explains what is happening and lab work is all okay.  I will be going to a pain specialist in a couple of weeks.  Just wondering if anyone has gotten a diagnosis. I am going crazy with this and grasping at straws!!!
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for the past 5 years, i have been experiencing extreme deep burning pain throughout my whole body 24/7. i have been tested for lupus, ms, hiv, diabetes, have had a colonoscopy, endoscopy. nerve conduction study, small bowel follow through, heavy metals testing, b12 levels, everything comes back fine. i do have acid reflux and a hietal hernia i found out and there were 3 polyps removed one of which was precancerous, but it's not related the dr says. this pain is worse with heavy foods. starts rapidly in my back through my torso area then straight to my extremities. my feet and hands turn beet red and burn really bad. this is all internal heat. there's no rashes or anything. there has to be answer or some relief out there some where. it just hit me one night like a stack of bricks and has never gone away. does anyone else experience this or does has anyone had this problem and was fixed. any ideas or suggestions?
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Hi and welcome to the back and neck  support forum.

I am not sure what is going on...I would suggest u try posting this as a new topic as this is an older thread.

May I ask have u had MRI's??

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I hurt my lower back Thanksgiving morning doing of all things a prevention magazine exercise tape.  I have had so much pain.  The orthopedic originally said my back was sprained and sent me to PT.  I did seem to do well with PT and felt much better, but on Jan. 18 as I of all things was opening up my blinds I hurt it again.  This time the Doc sent me to get a mri which showed a slight herniation in my L5  S1.  my pain is in my lowest part of my back continuing down to my tailbone and on my lower right side and burns allot.  Fortunately not going down my leg, but i feel like i have 100 pounds of bricks sitting on my lower back  and I have large knots on my right side of my low back. I have had 2 epidurals which were a waiste of time.  Pt helps for a couple of days then I hurt again.  I became so frustrated I spoke to my PT he guided me in the direction of Neuromuscular  massage and acupunture.  I am so glad I went this route.  I've been doing both once a week since August 1 and it has been worth every penney.  The massage therapist I use had to use a special tool to break up my knots which were in my tendons.  It was not an enjoyable massage it hurt but the next day I was a different person I felt no pain the swelling in my back had gone down and the pain went with it.  I have came to the conclusion that this will be a slow healing process but since starting the weekly neuromuscular massage and acupuncture I am 90 % better with only an occational low back pain that comes on when I am doing vacuming and mopping or cleaning around the house and I don't put my lumbar/pelvic brace on.  Then the knots come back and so does the pain.  I strongly reccomend all who are frustrated and ready to give up to find a good neuromuscular massage therapist  ( that does deep tissue)  and a accupunturist.  You will notice a diffeerence by the 2nd week and by the end of the month you will be very glad you tried it.   "Lisa"
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My name is Kim. I am a female 26 years old. About 10 weeks I started having extreme burning in my lower back. This was following a UTI that I was recovering from. After 2 days of the burning I started having acid  reflux. I have had it now for 8 weeks, trying different medications but the side effects are so terrible that I keep switching. During all of this I have noticed that my hands and feet have also started to burn as well as the back of my kneck (internal fire, skin feels very hot on the outside as well). Everyone is saying anxiety but I don't believe it, I know what I feel. The burning in my back seems to come on especially when I have plenty acid and when I am laying down. I am thinking maybe the meds have contributed to the burning all over my body, and that maybe the back thing is related to acid reflux or uti, any thoughts? For those with the burning and GERD what meds are you taking, maybe we can compare?
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i have the same burning pain in both legs and buttocks but nobody seeems to be able to help me make it go away.  i'm now trying excercises and PT for piriformis syndrome but not sure it will help as i am still in utter pain.  I have it now 8 months and have not been able to work because sitting makes the pain in my legs (back of my legs and some of the inner leg near my knees) much worse.  I'm totally depressed about it as I have no life anymore.
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Hi, while I havnt had the same sort exact pain as you all, I have had the nerve damage pain in my legs, and it can be excruciating to sit and have any kind of pressure on the back of my legs, hurts to have anything touch my legs at times. Hurts to walk. I have spondylolisthesis which resulted in severe bilateral foraminal stenosis which caused significant bilateral root nerve compression at l5/s1. I'm here to say there IS a reason for everyone feeling what they are. There is a doctor out there that will get to the bottom, and for those who can't get their drs to order an mri, or do other tests, explore other drs!!!! Have any of u been tested for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? Would be worth ruling out, your all in my thoughts, take care!!:)
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This is an old post and probably you have long ago solved your problem.. If not, here are a few extemporaneous comments.  As an interventional pain specialist, I can tell you that your symptoms are complex, seem to involve several aspects of your nervous system and are clearly exasperating. However, your problems also is not that uncommon in a tertiary pain practice.  Throwing "treatment" at it without systematic diagnostic evaluation of which parts are or are not involved is often the first course as both the patient and the doctor want a result, and the insurance company who is making all the medical decisions anyway, doesn't really care except to hope that you go away.  Speaking only rhetorically as I have not seen your situation, it seems that a systematic diagnostic algorithm of blocking or testing each "pain generator", such as the disc, facets, nerve roots, lumar sympathetic nerves, perhaps, parasympathetics. consideeration of a sensory nerve conudction threshold test to try to further decide if the C, A-beta, A-delta fibers are involved.  Once these tests have been done and you can tell what works and what doesn't, treatment can be much more logical and probably efective.  Your post makes me guess that the start was most likely, but no guarantee, the facets and now involves some aspect of your sympatheitic nervous system.There is more but first of all, you may have fixed the problem already, and it is complex.  I hope this helps a bit if you are still ahving trouble.  You'll have to read through any typos I left in this.
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Im only 14 and I am experiancing the same burning feeling in my lower back area. I already have Acid Reflux but it only occurs when I travel or get nervous.
I also have really bad stomache problems, the burning feeling in my lower stomache that leads to either bad diarrhea or constipation.

I went to several doctors and they dont know whats wrong, so they sent me to a specialist, he said that I wasnt drink enough water.
So after that, I started drinking more water. So after 1 month, I kept getting the same pain in my back and my stomache.

He doesn't even know whats going on with my back or my stomache, so now these horrible pains are leading me into depression.
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