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Brachial Neuritis

Struggling for over two years with neck pain that has gotten worse. Several chiropractic adjustments and  been told recently that I have brachial neuritis. I have been experiencing multiple symptoms and not sure which doctor or specialist to see so I can get the correct treatment; Neurologist, physical therapist, chiropractor, orthopedist, or  vascular .My symptoms some persistent and some not are: pain/aching of left side of neck, sharp pain and electrical sensation that  radiates up the  left side of my head (happens suddenly with deep throbbing pain for a couple minutes or so if I  twist my neck or overdo it with lifting something too heavy/overdoing it, muscle tightness of shoulder, tingling sensations of left shoulder blade medial side, inner elbow pain with tingling and numbness of my pinky and ring finger when sitting/laying on left side; elevation with a pillow helps somewhat, brief moments of cold fingertips of left hand, on and off left sciatic pain that causes twitching sensation of left big/second toe, left toe will go numb randomly if walking for long periods of time. Whenever I experience sudden  sharp pain in neck that radiates up my head,  I feel like my neck is stuck/crooked. It feels more comfortable if my neck is slightly tilted torwards my left shoulder and hurts I try to straighten my head. I feel like a crazy person with of of this.
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This sounds very similar to what I have as well!! Have you had any luck with answers or treatment?? Thank you in advance and I hope you get to feeling better ❤️
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