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Broken Titanium Rods

Has anyone ever broken a titanium rod in their back.And is this dangerous if not taken care of?
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I'm combining my answer to address both of your posts regarding titanium rods.

Titanium rods are considered to be very strong and there is less evidence of failure using titanium as opposed to other components.  However, hardware failure is potentially a risk for any fusion patient.  
It could be related to screw displacement or a failure of the fusion (pseudo-arthrodesis)
Depending on how long ago the fusion surgery took place and how well the bones have fused, hardware removal might be indicated to prevent any further risk of displacement which could compromise the recovery and success of the fusion.
It would be best to discuss the alternatives with the surgeon and obtain recommendations based on appropriate diagnostic tests.

Best wishes ----
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Thank You for the information.I will pass it on to My roomate.The whole thing that bothers Me is She did go to a neurologist and He was trying to talk Her out of the surgery and go home and take Her pain pills and go about Her business.It is probably because She is on Mainecare,and not a higher type of insurance.If You don't have good insurance the Doctors seem to treat You different.That is so wrong.
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I had broken rods replaced on Feb 2 2010 and in July 2010  I now have Two broken rods at L3-L4. I did nothing to cause this break I think the rod were faulty. On each rod is a manufacture name and each rod has its own number I will get this information. There is no way after 5 months they broke.
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I had a herrington rod placed in 1981 and found out it was broken in 1992.  I have not had much trouble until now and suddenly am having extreme difficulty breathing and walking and the pain is getting worse.  I am diabteic and thought I had neuropathy but the dr cannot fins anything wrong and I am worried and dont know what to do.  can sonmeone please give me some input.   thanks..     Cheryl

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I have 2 rods thoracic to lumbar in which first surgery rid broke on left thoracic side second surgery a stabilizing piece was place but it broke again same area right below the stabilizing unit it's been like this for 5 years I just got health insurance now but I am worried as to what is going to happen I have been in a lot of pain an the right side of my body hurts a lot when I move around too much what do you think the outcome is going to be?? I am 28 y.o. Female
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