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Buttock and leg pain

This is the third occurrence.  The first lasted a few days, the second, about six weeks.  This one has been going on for about four months now and seems to be getting worse.  Shooting pain starting in the right buttock and travelling down the side of the leg into the calf.  I've had MRI's taken and according to the neurologist and neurosurgeon there isn't anything that would account for the extreme pain.  I've had an EMG and there's no nerve damage.  Currently, when I wake in the morning and stand on my feet, the pain is excruciating.  Sitting immediately helps to make the pain just bearable.  I then take a couple of Excedrin which seems to take away most of the pain. I try to take the Excedrin only in the morning when it is the worst.  I can make a good portion of the pain disappear if I lie face down on the bed and wait. It will start to subside but doesn't completely disappear.  It's much worse in the morning, tapers off during the day, and gets worse at night.  I've been told that if it was sciatica, I wouldn't be able to sit for any length of time but that doesn't seem to be the case.  When this last bout started, work and exercise made it disappear completely.  That doesn't work anymore.  Any suggestions?
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Hello I had a ruptured disc pushing on the sciatic nerve and it sounds like what you are describing.  The only thing is that the MRI did show the problem  I wonder if an MRI with contrast would help.  I am not a doctor but there are doctors on here, under expert forums that might be able to help you.
Also, when I had the sciatic nerve compression I could not walk on heels or toes.  Sitting was no problem.  I hope you find the help you need.  
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Did you have the mri done recently or at the beginning of your pain? You may also want to ask the neuro to look for bone spurs and arthritis. Both of these can cause pain in legs ect and the pain can come and go. You may also want to see if they would do a mylogram to check your spinal nerves. A mri will show soft tissue such as disc and if you have problems with that but a mylogram will show any abnormalities of your nerves. Best wishes, Sissie
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This sounds like a sciatic nerve issue. You need to see a doctor about this.
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Do you have a lump in your lower back that comes and goes? Do you get the symptoms when the lump is there if you experience the coming and going of the lump? Is it worse when you excert yourself? Do the symptoms alternate from the left of your back to the right of your back? I ask these questions because I am experiencing something similar to yours. Sometimes problems do not show up on certain tests and unfortunately when some MD's view that the results are normal, they "brush you off." I suggest that you do some research online to see if there are conditions or illnesses that include the symptoms that you are having and get a second opinion from another MD. Another recommendation is that you try accupuncture and/or cupping. Cupping is very easy and you can do it at home without spending any money. You will need a few glasses, preferably small ones.  Lie down on your stomach, place the first glass upside down, add a flame to the inside of it for a few seconds and immediately place it on the area of your back where the pain is. It will create a suction effect, it should stay on your back. Leave it there for approx. 10 mins. and later remove it. Continue to do the same with the rest of the glasses.

I hope that the information that I provided will be useful to you.
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