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My mother (54 years) has been complaining of severe left arm pain which shoots down from her neck all the way to the mid arm.The pain is sharp "burning" sensation typ,she has no pain on flexing the left arm.Its the third week now.She has had a couple of physiotherapy sessions (for nearly 2 weeks) which reduced the pain for some time only.She also tried various anti-inflammatories, but the same, temporary relief.The Doctor requested an MRI which gave the following impression:

*significant spasm of the paravertebral muscles of the neck
*C5-6 posterior disc herniation significantly indenting the opposing cord and compromising both nerve roots of C6 more on the left side.Hypertrophied posterior neural elemant at this level adding to cord compression and leading to acquired form of localized canal stenosis

Two Doctors after looking at the MRI suggested she goes for an operation ASAP.
Now my questions are:
What if she postpones the operation?
Is it true that the disc may completely prolapse and cause complete cord compression? will this compromise the respiration ,heartrate, cause muscle paralysis??
My mother is also suffering from INTERSTITIAL FIBROSING ALVEOLITIS and is on steriods. (5mg/day). Going for a surgery requires ANESTHESIA of corse, cant the disc herniation be treated by physio? or any other treatment option? as her lung problem poses a critical scenario for anaesthesia.

I'm really very worried.Please help! :(
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