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Can 2 herniated discs in Lumbar cause pain radiating up the back?

Background: I have bursitis which they are talking about removing in my right hip, and a torn labrum in my right hip.   Just had surgery to fix 3 Labral tears in R shoulder and clean up the bone/clavicle.  I have 2 small herniations in discs in my Lumbar region. The epidural nerve block shots did not work. I have been to Physical Therapy 3x. 2 Chiropractors. And now a spine specialist. I've seen a neurologist last year that had me walk around with sensors on my head for 3 days to make sure I wasn't imagining the pain. Brain is healthy.    It has been a period of 9 years.  Now the spine specialist says that they are giving me a back brace and offered pain meds (which I rejected cause that stuff makes it difficult to work even more so then the pain). So it seems I am out of options?  Am I really?  Description of pain:  I am in constant pain all day in my lower back. Sometimes I get shooting pain down my right buttocks that stops before it goes to my knee. I also have a pain that radiates up my back bone to the middle of my back which is getting worse but is not always constant, not sure what sets that off. Standing seems to help more then sitting, but I still have to move or shift weight because the pain is just there and doesn't seem to go away.  Thank you for reading this and thank you to anyone with advice.
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