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Cervical MRI

I have a continuous pain since more than a year, in my neck, shoulder and all the left side up to the thigh. I made MRI for the neck and below is the result. Please, advise if this requires a surgery. Thanks a lot :
- Straightening of cervical spine noted in sagittal images
- Degenerative cervical spondylotic changes represented by marginal osteophytosis associated with ventral end plate degenerative changes
- At CV5/6 disc level, there is evidence of posterior disc protrusion seen indenting the ventral aspects of thecal sac more inclined to left side compromised the nerve root at left side.
- Diffuse subligamentous disc bulge seen at C4/5 disc level seen flattening the ventral aspect of thecal sac
- No abnormal para-spine soft tissue masses
- Normal cervico-medullary junction
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I have this exact same MRI except the last entry. I have been dealing with this for 6 years and have seen numerous specialists. The ones that I actually trusted, they told me to run when surgery is suggested.. I think there is too much risk involved when really all they can do, viewing your results, is replace the disc. Degeneration can not be fixed, nor spondylosis, not the osteoarthritis.  A neurosurgeon can possible take the pressure off the nerve root, but cervical spine surgery is extreamly risky and you WILL still be in pain. I'm sorry Honey, but most likely, you will be in pain for the rest of your life. Do what I did, find a surgeon and weigh the risks. Only you can make this decesion. I would suggest getting an epidural. I had one done on my cervical spine and it lasted two years. Some pain but it was completly tolerable. They told me 4 years ago that I would never be out of pain. They were right. I found a good pain management doctor that handles not only medication but does proceedures as well. I hope this helps. If you want to know specifics about what these results say, let me know.
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Thank you for your kind reply.
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You are welcome!.. I know i would much rather have someone that has the condition tell me the truth, then a doctor that hasn't been thru it. A doctor that has it would be best.. I would like to hear what they would have to say.. If you don't mind me asking, How did you get these conditions?
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