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Chest/breast/heart pain/thumping, headaches, nausea, stiff neck, back/neck pain

I have been having strange pains in my left chest area. It is like thumping inside (under armpit, above/under left breast, heart, down left arm). The thumping/palpitating sensation stops me dead in my tracks. I also have burning/stinging pains. Hurts worse if I breathe deep.I notice my heart skips beats & my heart rate goes up/down. I am constantly holding the left side of my chest. I've noticed when I swallow a drink, I feel it go down my throat but then veers off to the left over my heart & goes down under my left breast. I was diagnosed w a Hiatal hernia in 08. Could it have worsened? 2 weeks of every month my breasts hurt- pinching/burning pain. Ive always had mild tenderness with my cycle, but since May, it has been unbearable. I also had breast implants in 05. I first had them under my muscle/saline. Replaced them with silicone/on top of the muscle in 07. I had them completely removed in 08. total of 5 surgeries. Could there be a chance I am having complications from that now? I've had itchy skin in my upper back/neck/chest/breast/ abdomen/upper arms, accompanied by spots. Intuitively, this itching/rash indicates something going on internally. I had an appointment to get an endoscopy last week with my gastroenterologist but when I told him about these feelings he said it had to be canceled, get cardio clearance before doing it. The apt with the cardiologist isn't for 2 weeks, but I am worse every day- throbbing headaches, nausea, unable to eat, disorientation, I feel/hear ticks all along my spine/back of my neck, with pain. I wake up gasping for breath, cant feel my movements, just feeling overall ill. These symptoms have been going on since May. The ticks along my spine is recent (Oct) & thumping/pain in my left chest area started 2 weeks ago,I am very in touch with my body, and I KNOW something isn't right. I need some guidance/advice.
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How are you? Aside from cardiac causes, chest discomfort may also be attributed to pulmonary, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal issues such as heartburn, costochondritis and pneumonia.  To determine the underlying cause, further evaluation may need to be done especially with your medical history of breast implants  and hiatal hernia.  A cardiac clearance is imporatnt to make sure that everything is okay and you are fit to have the endoscopy done. Additional diagnostic tests such as ECG, Chest x-ray and blood chemistries may also be requested.  Take care and do keep us posted.
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