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Chiari Malformation (symptoms?)

I've been EXTREMELY sick for 9 months now.  I have no clue whats going on and neither do doctors I see.  


April 2011: Rapid heart beat, chest pains, numbness and tingling up my left side of neck to lower lip, then down left arm to pinky.  I had 2 EKGs, both normal and 2 chest x-rays (normal).  Was told it wasn't my heart (?).  

May 2011: I had a sinus infection that started on May 8th (Mother's Day) that lasted a week.  That Friday I was not myself.  I would zone in and out, be confused as to where I was and what I was doing.  Husband and I were on a date and got my hair cut (once a year thing for us).  By the time Saturday came, I didn't know how to drive (memory loss), where I was going, what Iwas doing and it just became very scary.  I started getting paniced and nervous because I never felt like this.  On that following Tuesday (week and a day past Mother's Day), I went to the ER because I  was having extreme headaches for 3 days straight, vomiting, confusion, loss of sleep (pacing at night), unable to breathe and neck stiffness.  He told me I had a tension headache (different then any other tension head I had before) and I had Acute Bronchitis (?). Found out my heart was racing 136bpm!!!
Wednesday came, I was WORSE!  I felt like I was going into this dark place and wasnt coming out of it.  I couldnt breathe, I oculdn't focus on anything and all I wanted to do was sleep but couldn't because I thought with my heart beating so fast and unable to breath and vomiting with the headaches, I wouldn't wake up.  
Thursday I went to a walk in.  That whole day, I couldn't remember how many tylenols I took and when.  My hand was so cold, I thought maybe I did something to myself (sliced wrist) and didn't know because I couldn't see, think, it was a brain fog thing!!  I should of never told the walk-in doctor that because she had me rush down to the ER again with my whole family (4 young kids and hubby) and they thought I was on drugs, suicidal, bipolar, schitso (sp?), drank too much...after talking to Mental health and explaining to her that I was just giving examples, that I wasn't trying to hurt myself, she said I was clear.  Bloodwork came back for the alcohol and drugs, thyriod and all was good.  Walked out of the hopsital with instuctions not to drink caffeine!??!

After that whole thing, I've been researching...SCARED TO DEATH to see any doctors....I seen another doctor in November 2011 because I had that really really bad episode again.  She thought it was hormonal (told her how I was treated last time in April).  Tests came back normal except my Vitamin D.  It was very low and was told to take Women's 1 A Day...which symptoms are getting really bad! I have a appointment coming up on the 24th of January and hoping this is it!  

Symptoms: Memory loss-Short term (Very SCARY!!) (Can't remember if I put kids on bus sometimes when it's REALLY bad!)
                  Confusion with loud noises (Kids screaming or loud music)
                  Can't think of words when talking (makes me feel stupid)
                  Balance off (can't walk into doorway without stumbling)
                  Heart races (120-150 bpm)
                  Jugular Vein (sp?) pain radiates up to jaw line into ear or bottom lip
                  HEADACHES (Back of head, up to eyes and into temples)
                  Nausea/vomiting with headaches
                  Weakness in legs
                  Numbness and tingling in arms and legs
                  Pins and needles feeling bottom of feet (COLD)
                  Vertigo (standing up too fast, coughing, sneezing)
                  Clear floaters in vision
                  Black floaters in vision that turn into glitter like sparks
                  Electrial shocks behind head, into inner ear  to back of neck, causing hearing to ring, pop and I end up not hearing for several minutes
                  Blackout/tunnel vision in shower (while looking up to wash out shampoo)
                  Blurred vision
                  Blind spots in vision
                  Base of skull and top of neck pop and crack constantly
                  Difficulty driving
                  Sun hurts eyes
                  General eye pain
                  Constantly pink eye/blood shot (think thats why they thought I was on drugs?!)
                  Brittle hair, poor dry skin, chapped lips
                  Legs get so numb, that I fall in the middle of parking lots and had no idea I fell until I look around and people look at me =(  
I just want to know whats going on.  I don't want to go on and on for years with different doctors.  I want to come out and say "This is what I have, please help me!"  

I was also looking at Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease...possibly Diabetes, but diabetes don't have alot of my symptoms.  We had a HORRIBLE year with Ticks this year.  4 out of 6 of us in our family had atleast on tick.  My youngest had 6 from May-June!  

Thanks for reading and hope I can get answers!!
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Wanted to add that when I went back to the ER that Thursday (2 days after my first trip)  My pulse was in the 140's and had 2 more EKG's and 2 chest x-rays.  

Other symptoms I just remembered:
Hard time swallowing
Hard time grasping things (like laundry)...I feel like when I grab something, I'm fumbling it around and it falls so many times
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  Brandi...so glad u reposted this in the Chiari forum.....u need a true Chiari specialist to help guide u and we can offer support...hope u keep coming back and let us help u thru this scary journey.

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