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Chronic Pain Management

I had a physically traumatic child birth. I was 2 weeks overdue, was induced for 3 days, several consultants could not break my waters. For some reason (possibly lack of staff over the weekend) I was not given a C-section. Finally had waters broken and 13 hours of labour with episiotomy, and a healthy baby was born. I had a strong constant pain before pushing which did not go away after birth. I remained on gas & air after birth followed by tylex, Pethidine and finally an epidural which was the only thing that relieved the pain.

As it stands I have pain in the pelvic region (unable to have sexual relations), constant urgency & frequency to urinate and pain in the coxic region.

Original diagnostics were broken coxic and scar tissue. An x-ray 2-3 months later revealed no break in the coxic region. A scar tissue removal (5 months later) made no difference in pelvic pain.

Further diagnostics were nerve damage although cordial & lumbar epidural had brought no relief. I had a Nerve conduction velocity which showed no signs of large nerve damage. I also had an MRI which showed no damage to the discs. I have tried (Tylex, Tramadol, Diclac, OxyContin, solpadeine, Cataflam) with little or no relief. Have just gotten a script for Duloxetine.

17 months on, it is now suggested that I try "Sacral Nerve Stimulation" to help with symptoms and pain, presuming I have Interstitial Cystitis (possibly stemming from prior to labour) and Nerve Damage or neuropathic pain (from physical trauma to a nerve trunk during labour).

As this stage I am desperate to find something to relieve the pain and have a better quality of life but am also wary that there are certain pills I cannot take as I am in full time employment and have a young child. I just cannot continue to live with this level of pain and discomfort and am looking for any other suggestions you may have?

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