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Chronic lower back pain/mri report

Hi, I have had chronic back pain for some time now and at last they have given me and Mri for my lumbar spine, I got the report but I do not fully understand it so I was wondering if anyone could explain it in simple terms. I looked on the web but cannot find anything that helps me understand it.

The conus terminates at normal level opposite L1 with normal proximal cord signal.  There is marked loss of the normal lumbar lordosis with disc dehydration at the L2/3 level, modic end plate change and disc herniation.  The discs are reasonably hydrated elsewhere with the exception of L4/5.
The vertebral bodies otherwise return normal signal.

At the L2/3 level thre is indeed a broad based disc which causes anterior impression of the thecal, no compression of the exiting root foramina.  There is effacement of the transiting nerve roots.  In conjunction with facet degenerative change.  Moderate canal narrowing noted.
At the L3/4 level essentially normal appearances with no compressive abnormality.
Normal appearances at L4/5 with the exception of mild facet degenerative change.
At L5/S1 again satisfactory appearances are demonstrated with no compressive abnormality.
Normal para-vertebral soft tissues are noted.

I just want to know what it means in simple terms


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