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Chronic muscle spasms/nerve pain.

Hello Community!  I've been through a lot with my pain over the past few years and have tried nearly everything. I have not tried a forum like this yet and figured it was worth a shot. Here is my story. I'm a 30 yo female whose pain began in her right shoulder, down the right arm 3 and half years ago. I train service dogs professionally, so i have a very physical job and it is no doubt that my job responsibilities are the reason for my pain. Job entails a lot of repeatative motion and requires a lot of strength/unnatural movements. Here is the history of my treatment.
Oct. 2009 - onset of symptoms, seen by orthopedic, MRI, xrays - begin PT 3x a week, no longer performing regular job duties (on desk duty).
Oct. diagnosed with S.l.a.p tear, tendinitis and bursitis. - continue with PT 3x a week, which includes massage, electric stim and strengthening
Nov - January - continue with PT and followups with orthopedic with NO improvement whatsoever.
January - pursue second opinions from other doctors and decide to do exploratory surgery because my shoulders are part of my livelihood and I have been released from my regular job duties since October. I need this fixed.
Feb. 2010 - arthroscopic surgery finds and fixes, bursitis and a frayed bicep tendon (caused by a shallow grove on the bicep bone that the tendon repeatedly slipped in and out of, causing the tendinitis.
Feb 2010 - Oct 2010: continue with PT 3x daily, feeling better around May
May 2010 - return to regular job duties
Oct 2010 - LEFT shoulder begins to same onset symptoms (****)
Oct - tell surgeon, he suspects it could be a neck problem, begin PT on left and continue on right, MRI of Csection of spine
Oct - MRI of spine shows bulging of C5 and C6 - nothing that is not typical of nearly everyone (i am told).
May 2010 - switch to acupuncture - try it or 6 months, no progress
Dec. 2010 - try myofacia release for 8-10 sessions (once or twice a week) but Worker's comp won't cover the treatment nor will my primary insurance and it is getting really expensive/no results.
Jan 2011 - become completely discouraged and try my own types of therapy from them up until now which include, increase protein in diet, vitamin d supplements, ingesting apple cider vinegar, glutomine supplements 3-4 times a day, yoga, massage.

I've come to the conclusion that my pain is due to chronic muscle spasms (huge and persistent) all over my scapula's, pectoral muscles, and upper body in general. They are big and tend to compress nerve clusters that cause an extreme amount of pain to shoot down my arms into my fingers. My arms become weak and have a reduced range of motion.

Hot Yoga - i haven't been able to get on a strict regiment as of lately b/c I've been in so much pain.
Massage- I was not receiving "medical massage" only telling massage therapists to only do my upper back. I have just began a Medical Massage regiment. So far, no results.

Any NEW advice would be extremely welcome. I can definitely admit that I gave up on myself for a while. I think sometimes that as long as I keep this job and let the dogs kick my butt on a daily basis, then I am always going to have this problem. And I just deal with the daily pain and try to ignore it with narcotic pain pills. I hate those things and there's always the fear of addiction. I'm ready to jump into a new treatment.

Also, my surgeon suggests that we do another surgery. But he's a surgeon, that's what he does. I can't IMAGINE putting myself through that again. It didn't work the first time, why would it work again, right?

Anyone out there with similar problems?  Please let me know if I haven't been clear enough. I've seen a lot of medical professionals and I get really tired of telling the story, so forgive me.
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Hi there!

Well, without knowing the relevant clinical details or a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation or suggest a management plan. Possible causes of the symptoms that may need to be considered include injuries to muscles/ ligaments/ tendons, neuro-muscular causes such as muscle spasms, inflammation, further degeneration, micronutrient deficiencies, electrolyte imbalance, hormonal/ endocrine issues, a few autoimmune conditions etc. Assuming atleast most of these have been ruled out, I would suggest continuing with the physiotherapy/ exercises to help improve muscle strength around the region. Warm compresses and Tylenol/ NSAIDS may be helpful for occasional acute pain/ discomfort. If the symptoms do not been to resolve in 3-6 months, I would suggest considering a review with your treating orthopedician for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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