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Coccyx pain and Spinning: helping or hurting or both?

I have a sore tailbone which only seems to be getting worse with time.  For the past six months I've been spinning about 3x/week average, and despite using a gel seat and not sitting as much as possible, the pain in my backside has gone from an uncomfortable sensation, and straining pain (esp. when rising from seated > standing position) to what seems like a floating tailbone which now wiggles uncomfortably when I flex my ass muscles or reposition in my seat.  I have to sit very upright, both on the bike and on any chair or surface, and some seats are more comfortable than others (I'm reminded of a ride in a jeep recently); sitting on the flat tile in the steam room is also awkward and must be settled into gingerly.

Six months ago, I was riding on a motorboat on a river, and for a while I was sitting directly on the flat hard front deck, which in the choppy water was hammering my tailbone very uncomfortably.  This may have been the very first tailbone-related pain I can recall in recent memory... other than childhood and seemingly countless such insulting injuries!

I'm writing as much detail as possible, because I've yet to read anything online which exactly matches my condition, and would point towards answers for me in recovery.  I'm guessing I might have to stay off the bike for a while, which I dread now that it has become my primary form of exercise.  Spinning alternates like the Lifecycle machines (sorry I don't know much about them, but standing machines) may work well for me... but not the exercize bikes, esp. the recumbent one, which puts pressure directly on the tailbone.  In fact, this may have been the original cause of my problem 6 months ago.

Ironically, riding my bike does not hurt as much, but I spend a lot more time in the saddle (and less up-down)...

I'm hoping to build up more musculiture in the region overall, and find ways to sit, stand and move that don't hurt.  But from what I'm reading online so far, it seems that long-forgotten childhood incidents of falling on one's tailbone or getting a swift kick in the ass, come back to haunt us in middle age.  At age 43, I'm probably just getting started with them!

Vitamins:  I'm taking the following, 2x/day:
Hyaluronic Acid 70mg* (double that for the first month)
Glucosamine w/MSM - 1000mg
Vitamin C-Ester: 1000mg
Omega-3: 1000mg

This combination of vitamins was recommended to me by a medic, and I have been very pleased with the results.  I have a few aches here & there: a sore wrist (bike injury, impact to wrist, may have broken some small bones in my wrist or base of hand); and bad knees -- obviously all variations on the 'joint pain' theme.  I used to take s***loads of advil every day (800mg 3-4x/day), but have completely stopped taking advil (except when needed at work, rarely).

Any feedback on all of the above would be greatly appreciated!  I'm surely not the only spinner out there with a sore butt!!!

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