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Cronic Lower Back Pian/No Injury

I am 30 years old, I have a 12 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I gained sooo much weight with my daughter and for the past year I have had the very same issues. I can not wash dishes, mop, vacumme, hold my daughter or walk for more than a few minutes. I have the worst lower back pain, I have to actually find a seat quick in order for the pain to go away. I hate it. I feel like its due to my weight or DDD cup size but all the doctor says is lose weight, its hard to just lose weight when your always in pain. This pain is ruining my life. Something has go to give.  COuld this be caused by something different?
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seems like a lot of doctors want to jump right to 'lose weight'.  not all back pain is caused by weight issues..  i am horribly underweight and live with excruciating pain.
the thing is if they prescribed you opiates you will gain more weight.  they tend to really mess up your body's metabolism.  
i would ask for a mri or a ct scan and at the VERY least an xray of your back.
if this just happened during and after pregnancy you could have some injury due to that.  
with me (blown and herniated discs among other things) i cannot sit or stand.  lately i cannot even lay down.  i don't know what i am going to do now.
you have to fight for the tests i mentioned above, but of course losing weight will help you some, it may not help you at all.  need to be checked
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I have the same issues, i had four kids, naturally, and I have gone to the chiropractor, he adjusts me one time a month and he says my hips needed it....the worked their way out of alignment....he also adjusts my neck....it always needs it.....the glory of childbearing women...right?! And larger sized women...I had to also force myself to take time for me and get a massage once a month....an at home treatment for this for me is an Epsom salt bath, 15 mins max (1cp) hot water and my Fav essential oil of lavender....it's works wonders, maybe even consider better support of shoes...and or better support bra for those DDD sized cups...good luck with your pain...oh PS) I remeber also that I lay on my stomach with pillow under my gut, and my feet resting on a pillow to take pressure off of low back...take care ...and take time out to take care of you
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