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Cymbalta or Lyrica?

Hello all, i suffer from chronic back pain (black disk syndrome) due to 2 herniated and completely dehydrated disks. After trying anti inflammatory pills and injections as well as injections near the disks with xylocaine and contizone AND cortizone pills, the doctor suggested that i should try the cymbalta pills in order to relieve myself from pain. I take them for more than 2 weeks and i dont feel that they do something. A neurologist informed me that they usually give the Lyrica pills for chronic pain related to back problems and nerves in the area. Any opinions? Thank you
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Hi Cymbalta, I have recently been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in the right arm, I have now been on 100mg of Lyrica for approx 2months, with regards to side effects, I have none, however I don't really notice much difference in my pain levels either.  I realise that the arm and back are different, but perhaps it may work for you.  It is worth a try, however I have been told it is also a medication that you come off very slowly if it doesn't work as if you stop taking it suddenly it can be quite dangerous.  Anyway not sure if any of this helps.  Hope you find some sort of relief.  Good Luck
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