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Disc problem and scoliosis

Can bulging discs cause scoliosis?  After about 1 year of treatment I now have curving to the right which did not show up on previous xrays and is now a large curve to right with lots of pain, also am in early 50's with no family background of this.  Injured back in a fall and twisted to left.  Any info you could give would be a great help
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Welcome to the Back and Neck Community. Members are  here to provide assistance and support to individuals experiencing symptoms related to possible abnormal conditions of the spine. Advice given is non-professional and is primarily based on personal experiences

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that generally occurs in children and can get worse as they grow.  Acquired scoliosis is a curve in the spine that is not present at birth or develops during childhood.
It can be caused by the muscle spasms caused by bulging discs and is more related to the muscle spasm than a true bone structure change. It can also occur from a traumatic injury such as a fall that actually damages the spine in some manner.  Since your curvature has developed recently, it is probably more related to muscle spasms or other muscular changes.  
The basic treatment is anti-inflammatory medications and exercises if pain is not severe.
If you are under the care of a chiropractor or orthopedist, they may be able to provide a referral to a physiotherapy program that could assist you in developing a home exercise program.  
Post again with an update and any additional questions/concerns you may have.
Best wishes ----
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Can bulging discs cause scoliosis?

Yes. But your diagnosis maybe not scoliosis.

Physio and acupuncture be recommend.
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Hi...I also wanted to add that there is a condition called tethered cord that can cause scoliosis.It is most likely a congential condition, but I was just dx this and am 49.

So there may be several issues going on...I also have bulging disks as well as DDD.

I wonder if it is possible that the tethered cord, caused the scoliosis that caused the bulging disk?

Just my thoughts
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