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Disc replacement and fusion surgery

I had severe DDD which is in my back and neck. Last year I had  a TDR at L4-L5, a 360 cage at L2-L4 and a PLIF at L2-3. I am looking for someone to respond to my questions about healing and exercise as my Dr does not speak English and is difficult to find.  Is it safe to twist, bend 90 degrees?
Do you do Disc replacements ? If so, do you also do Fusions with it?
Thanks, Sherik
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Hi Sherik. That is a pretty name. Where is it (are you) from? Hope you don't mind me asking. Twisting slowly would be all right. And bending is good too, you need to do as many stretching exercises as possible. Avoid high impact strenuous exercises.One of the best things you can do is swimming and water areobics. And yes, here in the US we do many many disc removals with fusions. The only problem I'm finding after my removal/fusion, is tht the levels above and below can be affected in the future, as the fusin puts stress on the adjacent levels. Good luck.
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Wow, I'm not sure how to respond to a doctor in the U.S. that doesn't speak English. I think I would find another doctor. I have never herd of replacement disc being used with fusions. Usually to be a candidate for disc replacement you need to have only one level affected with no other degeneration adjacent to the replacement disc. The above writer is refering to disc removal and fusion not disc replacement they are two different things. the writer is also correct that fusions cause more fusions. You don't say how long ago the surgery was, so be careful about exercising to soon.

Hope I Help
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Hi to both of you,
Thanks for the response to my questions.I live in the Philadelphia area. My surgery was 1 yr ago in Germany. As one of the Dr's I  saw said, "the Germans are much more advanced than the docs here." I had not just the Disc replaced. They do it here in the US, altho they would not touch me here because my spine required more surgery than a "simple" ADR. In the 6 months after I agreed to 2 level ADR my spine began serious twisting and the rate of Scoliosis was documented. At my intake x-rays in Germany and exam,  we decided to stop and correct the scoliosis as well. I also no longer had discs in L2-L4, they were dried out and shot. So artificial spacers or artificial bone was used in place of the non replaceable discs and then they flipped me over to do the L2-L3 fusion. I got exercises while I was there, mostly Isometrics.And massages to soothe the stretched and spasming muscles. I exercise in the pool 5-6 days a week walking and stretching exercises. The same ones I had prior to my surgery. I also do some on land. I was using canes/crutches until 2 months ago. I have still tremendous left leg and foot pain. I was told to wait 18 months so I wait. thanks, sherik
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