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Do Perineural cysts cause pain?

I was diagnosed with perineural cysts 2 years ago. They are at T5-T7. I had been having severe back pain for 3 months, and the x-ray was negative. So I had a MRI which showed the cysts. They are at the exact same place where my pain is.
My neurologist says he doesn't believe that they cause pain. I am finding out that most of the medical community also has the same belief. Well, I beg to differ. I have not been able to sleep on my back for 2 years. The area is so tender, I can't let the shower water hit it, it hurts that bad.
I was wondering if you know of any Doctor in the Los Angeles or San Diego area who is treating these cysts. I am tired of treating the symptoms, I want to get rid of the cause!

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I 'm sorry I don't know anyone good at it in L.A
But,I know that perineural cysts  can begin to compress important neighboring nerve fibers, resulting in a variety of symptoms, including pain, weakness,when conditions cause these perineural cysts to fill with cerebrospinal fluid and expand in size.

So,I would strongly recommend that you see a local neurosurgeon quickly for a second opinion.
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Thank You for your information and your advice. I sure appreciate it.
  I have seen and consulted with 4 different neurosurgeon's in this area. Not one of them believe the cyst's are causing my pain. They believe these kinds of cysts do not cause pain at all. Thats why I am looking elsewhere. I found a Dr. Khoo's name at UCLA medical center while I was doing some research on the internet. Apparently, he is on sabbatical at this time. That's why I thought there might be some others.
  There are a couple of neurosurgeons that do treat them. One is in Kansas City, Missouri and the other one is on the east coast. So I will just keep searching. Eventually I will find one. Until then, I will just stay on the pain mangement pills prescribed by my Primary Care Dr.

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