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Excruciating back pain

I'm really worried about my boyfriend. Earlier today he simply got up off the sofa and suddenly experianced intense back pain.

He literally can't move. It took him 15 mins to walk 2 meters to the toilet, and took him almost an hour to go down the stairs and get some food and come back up again. I wasn't at home at the time so I coudln't help him, but he isn't the kind of guy to make stuff lie kthat up.

He says the pain is located right in his lower back, sort of around the coccyx, and when he stands up the pain is so bad he almost passes out. He isn't getting numbness in his waist or legs, but does get shooting pains down his legs while using them.

Direct quote : "it aches and when i stand up my legs go alll weak and i get a really sharp pain like someone stabbing me across my lower back "

I have no idea what it could be. I thought possibly a herniated disc or a torn ligament/spasmining msucle, but any advice would be good. I would tkae him to the dr but our nearest one is 6 miles but i can't drive and he couldnt walk to the bsu stop let alone 6 miles!
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Welcome to the Back and Neck Community. Members are  here to provide assistance and support to individuals experiencing symptoms related to possible abnormal conditions of the spine. Advice given is non-professional and is primarily based on personal experiences

I am sorry to hear of your boyfriend's acute pain.  Absent any traumatic event such as a fall, it sounds as if he is experiencing a severe muscle sprain/strain.  The pain can be quite intense and can happen from simple events like sneezing, turning sideways etc
They can also result from a gradual overuse of the large muscles of the back.
The recommendations for initial treatment are to rest for no more than 1-3 days (no major activity), take anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, Advil or Aleve, and apply ice initially and heat as needed for comfort.  If the pain does not resolve, it would be beneficial to see a primary care physician for a medical evaluation and possible baseline x-rays to check the status of his lumbar spine.  If needed, an MRI would be used to determine any nerve involvement.
The pain he is experiencing results from the inflammation of the soft tissue and possible torn ligaments.  With the above measures, hopefully he will recuperate without problems.  The important thing is to resume activity within limits and to maintain proper body mechanics when bending, lifting and other activities.  It could be helpful to have a short course of physical therapy to get instructions on how to maintain a healthy back.
Post again with an update and any additional questions/concerns you may have,
Best wishes -----.

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Thank you very much for your hasty reply, you've confirmed my suspicions.

He managed to get to sleep, which he still is atm, but I made sure he was on heat then ice alternatly all night last night :)

I'll rest him up for a fwe days, then if he's not better by Friday I'll have to carry him to the dr lol!
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One of the things that helps my husband with his back pain is a combination of magnetic, heat and cold. What he uses is a HoMedics Magnetic Wave Hot and Cold Therapy Back Support. This can be found at www.vitalitymedical.com. Good luck I hope it gets better for you.
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thank you very much for your replies!

I have kept him on heat and ice and kept him resting and he managed to sit up and go to the toilet this mronign without even realising it hurt :P

The look on his face when he walked back in and said "wait... i jsut got up didn't i?"

He says it still aches and its stiff but at least he can move now! I'm going to keep him on heat and ice for a fwe more days, and I have him doing gentle exercises :)

Thanks again
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