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HELP WITH MRI-Bulging of C4-5; C5-6-3; & C6-7

I need help with a recent MRI I had of the cervical spine. The results are as follows:
C2-3 unremarkable
C3-4 unremarkable
C4-5 very minimal broad-based annular disc bulge with milt facet degenerative changes. There is no central spinal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis.
C5-6-3 minimal broad-based annular disc bulge. There are mild facet degenerative changes. There is no central spinal canal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis.
C6-7 very minimal broad-based annular disc bulge with no central spinal canal stenosis or neural foraminal stenosis.
C7-T1 unremarkable

What is the difference between "very minimal" and "minimal" in a disc bulge and because I also have lumbar and thorasic disc problems, I am trying to figure out which one of my many symptoms are related to these results. Anyone with the answers to these questions is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again! Jen
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Hi Jen,

The MRI results of your cervical spine are relatively benign for the most part.  You do have several disc bulges but it doesn't state that any of them are impinging on nearby nerve roots.  I encourage you to make an appointment to go over the results and the films with your doctor as you both can look at the images together to see if there are any nerve impingements.  

You do have the starting stages of osteoarthritis (i.e., mild facet degeneration).  This can cause significant pain especially as the osteoarthritis worsens over time.  There are several different types of spinal injections that can help with the pain caused by osteoarthritis and I would encourage you to explore treatment options with your physician.  

Very minimal and minimal could be terms defined by the amount of bulge present usually measured in mm.  Very minimal would have the smallest bulge range and minimal is the next tier up in measurements of the bulge in mm.  Hope that makes sense.

Wishing you more days with less pain.  Take care.

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