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Hard lump in neck rapid onset of other problems after

I went to bed one night and woke up with terrible pain in my neck on the right side. It was very stiff and could barely move my neck. I then noticed a hard acorn sized lump in the right side of my neck that is located just behind the corner of my jaw and . My neck hurt for that day and the next couple of days. The pain went away then i noticed pain in the right side of my back and even in my right pectorial. i also notised a strange pulsing feeling that shot down the front of my neck to the chest. After this swelling cotinued in the back of my back and got worse. I also have this strange feeling of just feeling completly lobsided. I went to the chiropractor who i usually see for my diagnosed scheurmans disease and asked another doctor i know. They both said i slept on it wrong and it would go away. The lump has not gone away and it has been around a month and a half. it hurts sometimes is still very hard and i now have numbness behind my right shoulderblade and left side of my thumb. Also more recently for about the last 3 weeks my lymph nodes have been swollen my doctor said they are "shotty" i have also been getting small bumps on the back of my neck near the hairline. Also many other weird symptoms like affected hearing in my right ear and my eye feels very weird, these symptoms are minor so i dont know if im just imagining them. It is very frustrating as a 17 year old to have to deal with chronic back and neck pain every day and i know i didnt just sleep on it wrong. Could someone please help me
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With this set of symptoms, I hesitate to venture any lay person's opinion.  It would appear secondary to the lymph node involvement that you might be experiencing an infectious or systemic problem of some kind.  A chiropractor may not be able to determine the causes of these problems.
I recommend making an appt with a medical doctor (preferably an internist) who can run a series of tests (blood work and possibly x-rays) to try and assess the situation.
Treatment would be dependent on the results of the preliminary tests.
Best wishes ----
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Well the thing is my spine specialist sent me back to my pediatrician where i got a blood test done and they said my blood count was normal. So i dont know really what i should do next.
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